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Vunga #21135 – Coffee lot brings positive energy from the small countryside


There are many people who have tried Vunga #21135 and are fascinated by the lightness and sweetness of this coffee. Each drop of the extract is a wonderful resonance of bright, rich acidity and a complex of soft, sweet aromas that provide a light yet vibrant taste. Let’s go with 43 Factory Coffee to find out the beauty of this coffee!


Vunga #21135 gathers Nyabihu’s beauty to grow up


Vunga #21135 was raised on the hillsides throughout Nyabihu District, Western Rwanda. The growing area is more than 1,650 – 2,000 masl, the steep slope, surrounded by thousands of banana trees, makes the ripening process of coffee take longer than usual. During this time, coffee berries have the opportunity to accumulate and transform many organic compounds, creating rich flavors, bringing unique features from the land of thousands of hills in Rwanda. In addition, coffee beans live in volcanic land, cool climate, enjoy the water provided by the Gicide River and Virung National Park to create a natural, delicate sweetness. Thanks to the steep slope, when it rains, the water flows along the sides, bringing everything from upstream (lava, alluvium) to make up for the flavor of Vunga #21135 coffee even more.

Vunga Washing Station - XLIII Coffee's Collaboration


Vunga #21135 is bright and gentle


Vunga #21135 belongs to the Red Bourbon variety with extremely rich acidity and sugar content. The seeds are also grown on the lofty hillside, welcoming the fresh and windy weather, so the background is full of pure and new sounds. Although just starting to appreciate, the taste buds are immediately impressed by a cup of coffee from the beautiful countryside by the passionate and intense grapefruit scent. With just a little click, the cool, refreshing, sweet aroma of those thick grapefruit segments will radiate, spreading from the tip of the tongue to the throat.


The body waved with each amber-brown light and the incomparable bar that wrapped tangerines in every sensory cell in the oral cavity. Just like that, every little bit of sophistication, fragrant herbs spread everywhere, confidently showing off the fresh colors of nature at home. The level of flavor points up to every pure note, as fresh as the young color of the green grass, as clear as the Gicide river, and as smooth as the clouds in the sunny West of Rwanda. Suddenly, there was a wind blowing with the scent of jasmine and honey in each warm drop. Light, clear, pleasant, makes the mind full of positive energy, full of joy. Clean, rich like the love of the good people in the small hill.

Vunga #21135 - Specialty Coffee


Vunga #21135 and efforts to affirm the position of specialty coffee at home


You may not know, every child in Rwanda always aspires to bring the reputation of Rwanda’s specialty coffee to the international market. Like the enthusiasm of the coffee-making community in Nyabihu district – the people who created Vunga coffee lot #21135. In their hearts there is always a fire, burning with all their heart with the belief of a bright future – the coffee beans in their hands will be known throughout the country and the world. So in all stages, Vunga #21135 is cared for with a lot of love and hope for the birth. Each process and raw material are always guaranteed according to the standards of sustainable farming models, balancing economic and community values. Putting the heart into the unique flavor, all Vunga beans #21135 are subjected to a meticulous wet pre-processing process and dried for 25-35 days in high beds to achieve maximum, natural sweetness. In addition, in 2017, Vunga coffee production team #21135 cooperated with Muraho Trading Company to improve output and quality. Together, they design and build a new washing and sorting channel that optimizes work efficiency and improves the overall quality of coffee batches. With that determination and efforts, Vunga CWS from a small washing station with only equipment and a drying table has risen to bring their coffee beans to a high rank in two competitions Rwanda Cup of Excellence 2012 and 2014.

Vunga Washing Station - XLIII Coffee's Collaboration

If you love coffee beans and these resilient efforts, please visit XLIII Coffee – A specialty coffee supplier developed from the forerunner 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to experience it!

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