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How to make delicious and standard salted coffee

How to make delicious salted coffee, do you know? The simple salted coffees are not luxurious but have an irresistible taste with a little bit of bitterness and saltiness. Those who are used to drinking will fall in love with this coffee. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster introduces readers to how to make delicious salted coffee at home!


How to make Hue standard salted coffee


Vietnamese salted coffee was first known in Hue. This coffee cup with a special and creative combination has gradually conquered coffee lovers.

Cà phê muối



– Pure coffee: 25g (about 3 teaspoons)

– 25ml condensed milk.

– 100ml of water boiled at 95 degrees Celsius.

– 200ml vegetable fat cream.

– 5g of fine salt

– Ice.



Steps to make salted coffee


Step 1: Rinse the filter with boiling water. This will help reduce the temperature difference during the brewing process. Moreover, when using boiling water to rinse, it will help keep the filter warm. This factor will cause the coffee powder to expand evenly, which will make a cup of coffee with the most delicious taste.

Step 2: Put 3 tablespoons of pure coffee powder into the filter. Place the filter on top of the glass. Squeeze the coffee powder with moderate force.

Step 3: Pour about 45ml of boiling water into the filter to brew coffee for about 2 minutes for the coffee powder to expand evenly. Continue to pour another 50ml of boiling water into the filter. Wait for the coffee to drip until the water in the filter runs out.

Step 4: While waiting for the coffee to drip, add 5g of salt to 200 ml of vegetable fat cream. Use a mixer to whip the mixture for 2-3 minutes.

Step 5: Put 25ml of condensed milk into the brewed coffee. Then add 15-20ml of the salted cream mixture to get a finished cup of salted coffee.


The taste of salted coffee


Cà phê muối

The coffee cup has a layer of snow-white milk cream made from condensed milk, fresh milk fermented with fine salt. To fully enjoy the taste of the drink, guests have to wait patiently for the coffee to drip from the filter to the milk cream layer below and stir well. At first glance, the finished cup of coffee will resemble a cappuccino.

When drinking, you will immediately feel the fat, a little salty taste of salt, add a bit of bitterness and a faint scent of coffee.

The taste of salted coffee is really delicious, the bitterness and aroma of the coffee are in harmony, in addition, the coffee is also a bit fatty but not greasy, the smell of coffee is also very moderate, not too burnt. on fire.

Try to practice immediately how to make salted coffee to have a cup of fatty leopard coffee with gentle saltiness at home. If you love coffee with a sour and fruity taste, please refer to Arabica beans through:



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