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Making better coffee at home with just 5 simple tips


Making better coffee at home is probably what almost all coffee enthusiasts want. However, the finished product when mixed by yourself will often have a bland flavor or not match the desired taste. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover 5 tips to make your cup of coffee more delicious!


Quality coffee helps make better coffee at home


Similar to other foods and drinks, the better the ingredients, the more delicious the finished product. A good cup of coffee must start with good coffee beans. This does not mean having to spend a large amount of money to own expensive, elaborately processed coffee like weasel coffee. Quality coffee beans must ensure clear origin (growing area, production area,…), and not be contaminated with toxic chemicals or impurities that affect the taste. Because if impurities are mixed in, the coffee will overwhelm the original, unique flavor. Flavor extraction will depend on varietal characteristics, cultivation conditions, and processing process. But in terms of color, quality coffee beans are usually cockroach brown or light brown. You should choose medium roasted beans – extremely light, with a non-oily appearance because the flavor (and caffeine) comes from the oil inside the coffee bean. The beans carry the characteristic aroma of coffee, light and easy to smell. The grain texture is dense and fresh enough to not be moldy so that when mixed, the flavor spreads clearly and most naturally.

Pha cà phê ngon hơn tại nhà

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Understanding grind size helps make the right coffee at home


The size of coffee when prepared has a huge impact on the coffee experience. The feeling of the coffee layer in the mouth is directly related to the fineness of the grind (surface area of ​​ground coffee). The finer the grind, the larger the area of ​​ground coffee the water comes into contact with, making it easier for the water to pick up compounds from the coffee. Therefore, the higher the fineness, the faster the extraction speed, and the more flavorful the coffee. Conversely, at a coarse grind, the amount of coffee exposed to the flow will be less. Coffee takes longer to extract and the flavor is milder. Like a cup of Espresso with fine grind only takes about 28 -30 seconds. As for Filter, moderately coarse ground coffee will take 5-6 minutes to complete.

Depending on your enjoyment needs, you can choose the appropriate roast level to have a well-rounded cup of coffee at home. Grinding to the right degree of coarseness or fineness will ensure better-tasting coffee. If you can’t grind your coffee at home, you can choose your coffee and grind level from our specialty coffee collection.

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Choose the right water to make better coffee at home


Water is colorless and odorless, but it may contain chlorine or impurities that give coffee a strange smell. But distilled or purified water also makes coffee bad because it lacks the minerals that promote flavor reactions. The water used to make coffee should always be clean, free of contaminants, and odorless, but hardness and quality can vary from region to region. The Specialty Coffee Association recommends using water with a total hardness of 50 to 175 ppm and a carbonate hardness of 40 to 75 ppm. Water hardness is an important measure of carbon content. It is calculated as total dissolved solids (TDS), which is a measure of the mineral and ion content in water. Magnesium, calcium, and carbonates all contribute to the flavor compounds extracted from ground coffee. Water with a low to moderate mineral content produces a milder and more acidic coffee. If you use hard water, the coffee will have a muddy, thick, chalky texture and will taste bland. Therefore, you should choose mineral water or filter water, and remove organic compounds and chlorine before brewing coffee to ensure better tasting coffee.

Khoáng chất pha chế dùng cho nước pha cà phê và trà


Clean coffee-making equipment to ensure standard coffee


Keeping your coffee-making equipment clean is an important factor in ensuring the quality and flavor of your coffee. If the equipment is dirty, bacteria and residue can affect freshness and palatability. Furthermore, dirty devices can also be harmful to users’ health. Therefore, cleaning coffee equipment regularly, monitoring the condition of parts, and replacing them regularly are extremely necessary. Before dismantling, equipment parts such as the coffee grinder blade, AeroPress, or V60 should be cleaned and dried after each use, so as not to leave behind any ground residue. You should also keep your coffee-making area neat and clean, to avoid dirt and bacteria. Additionally, don’t forget to clean and dry the pot to ensure a great cup of coffee.

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Make sure the weight is correct when making coffee at home


The amount of coffee affects the strength, bitterness, aroma, and sweetness of the coffee. If too little coffee is used, the cup of coffee will be bland and flavorless. If you use too much coffee, your cup of coffee will be too bitter and difficult to drink. So how many grams of coffee beans is enough to make a cup of coffee?

There is no universal formula for all types of coffee and preparation methods. However, a basic rule is to use about 7-10 grams of coffee beans per 150-200 ml of water. Depending on personal preference, you can adjust the amount of coffee up or down to find the right ratio for you.

To have a delicious, flavorful cup of coffee, you not only need to use enough coffee, but also need to choose quality coffee, use clean water, a good grinder and brewer, and follow the brewing steps. processed properly. Finally, with a little patience and ingenuity, you will have a delicious cup of coffee to enjoy every day.

Pha cà phê ngon hơn tại nhà

If you enjoy making coffee at home, whether daily or as part of your weekend routine, choose quality coffee beans from XLIII Coffee’s specialty Coffee collection – the brand that grew out of its predecessor, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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