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Worker and true value sharing journey for end users


All living things are born with a mission of their own. The workers at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster also have a concern about the true value of specialty coffee. They want to share what is precious to the end user – who directly experiences the cup of coffee made by Worker. It has been a long and arduous journey, but those diligent people are still determined to devote all their love, brains and time to dedication. Let’s explore this coffee-flavored journey with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Why Worker and not Barista?


Barista is a barista who performs work related to consulting and preparing drinks for customers. They are called with the nicknames of the artists who breathe life into the beans and turn them into delicious and attractive drinks.

At 43 Factory, the barista is not called a Barista but a Worker. Because they are not only the ones who bring quality coffee like Barista but also carry the mission of conveying the full benefits of the original coffee flavor to customers. The factory worker is friendly, confident, possessing extensive knowledge of the history, the relationship between trade, environment, society and the specialty coffee industry.


Worker’s journey to share true value for end users


Starting with a love for the taste of coffee, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster’s workers are committed to learning. You know, to make coffee is not too difficult. But to have a delicious finished product full of flavor requires a lot of practice. Before creating the perfect cup of coffee, Worker 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has been practicing, weighing, measuring, and measuring meticulously to derive the most standard recipe to preserve the original flavor. Put all your heart into each stage to give diners a delicious and delicious drink.

worker tại 43 factory

Not only learning how to make, but Worker diligently read and research everything about coffee. Workers at the Workshop diligently memorize from the history of the cultivar, the region, the farming pattern, to the roasting, grinding, processing, culture and depth of meaning of specialty coffee. With deep understanding, the worker aspires to spread love to the experiencer. Nothing is easy, these people also have to work hard to overcome difficulties and fears to become a better version. They dedicate themselves to sharing stories about coffee beans, incense, origins, sustainable values, community, and society for each visitor. Worker is like a “living dictionary” to help diners understand the cup of coffee with the original taste in hand.

Workers constantly update and hone their skills, knowledge, and attitudes to improve themselves and catch up with market and consumer trends. They innovate and create day and night to connect the original essence closer to customers through each touch point.

worker tại 43 factory


Worker value sent to end users


With the continuous efforts of the Workers, we – the end users can experience the true taste of each coffee. The craftsman uses professional mixing experience, carefully protects and extracts the characteristic aroma of each growing region. When sipping a cup of coffee from the factory, each type of coffee, each brewing method, you can feel a different and unmistakable attraction. It can be the scent of jasmine, rose, orange, lemon of Ethiopian coffee beans, blueberry, lavender of Ecuador coffee or tropical fruit, honey, herbal tea in Panama,… Fragrance complex. The variety of flavors makes the taste buds cherish and satisfy.

worker tại 43 factory

Enthralled in the delicate aroma, people who enjoy the “living dictionary” of 43 Factory Coffee share an interesting story about the accumulation of coffee beans. The in-depth knowledge is transformed, intelligently integrated, easy to understand and attractive. Users are not only transparent about the origin, preliminary processing, roasting techniques to create a cup of coffee in their hands, but also have completely new experiences. They can not only enjoy the safety and health benefits of specialty coffee, but also comfortably immerse themselves in the beauty of each household. Closer to growers, we understand more deeply about the sustainable coffee industry and suddenly realize that the cup of coffee we drink has such profound and great meanings. It is not only the delicious taste of the drink but also the future of all participants in the supply chain, the environment and society as a whole. That is the true value of the original coffee flavor – the taste of the source of happiness.

It can be seen that Workers are people who are always steadfast for their own noble ideals. They live and dedicate themselves to the path of sharing the true value of specialty coffee to end users. The journey is arduous, but every time you come to the factory, you will see that they are always dedicated to giving the best. Come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster and feel it!

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