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Factors affecting coffee quality you need to know


Passionate about coffee flavor, few people can refuse a cup of high quality coffee with rich aromas. But are you curious what makes coffee quality? What impact does nature and nurture have on the finished product’s flavor that we perceive? Explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Environmental factors contribute to coffee quality


Coffee quality is often evaluated through the impression and delicious taste that we feel. According to researchers, this special feature comes from the originality of the variety and is affected through the stages from cultivation to processing. Because coffee is a crop that easily changes according to environmental factors.

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Depending on the conditions where it grows, coffee can produce a more delicious or better quality product. For example, coffee grown in areas with unsuitable soil and frost will be susceptible to pests and diseases and produce low yields. On the contrary, if grown in areas with red soil, volcanic soil, and cool climate, coffee can grow strongly and create attractive flavors. In particular, in growing areas that possess microclimate characteristics (different local climate zones), coffee can grow in different ways, making the flavor unique and different.

Growing altitude is important in promoting the richness and sweetness of the flavors. With altitudes above 1,000 meters above sea level (masl), the cycle of tree maturation and fruit ripening will be slower. The longer the ripening process, the more compounds and sugars the coffee beans have, so the better the quality of the beans. Furthermore, high altitude leads to the temperature and humidity of the farm reaching the ideal point for plants to increase growth and metabolism, thereby improving grain quality.

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The farming process develops coffee quality


According to the experience of some manufacturers, the farming method of the farm is the determining factor in coffee quality, because all types of coffee have potential. Although producing specialty coffee with Geisha will be much easier than with Catuai. Many farms have produced Catuais scoring 87, 88 points and there are also Geisha under 80. Based on fertilizing, pruning and rooting, regular weeding and properly improving the growing environment, coffee has all the right qualities. Necessary conditions for development can promote its hidden uniqueness. Therefore, if nurtured, strictly controlled and harvested at the right time, coffee can improve its quality and become specialty coffee.

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Processing methods control the quality of coffee flavor


Using special yeasts can help manufacturers better control the fermentation process in wet and dry processing, said Margaret Fundira – Microbiologist and Product Manager at Lallemand. Many types of microorganisms will be produced during the fermentation process that can promote the development of compounds contained in coffee. This enhances the coffee’s flavors and aromas and increases the cupping score by 1 – 2 points in the final product. However, most producers avoid uncontrolled fermentation. Because if there are unwanted changes, they will not be able to control the quality of coffee and lead to inconsistent flavor. Even uncontrolled fermentation can cause coffee to be contaminated with mold, both affecting coffee quality and threatening consumers’ health.

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It can be seen that coffee quality depends on many factors from nature to farming and processing methods. But you can see that these factors can only help coffee improve its potential to a certain extent. Each process that creates the final product must meet certain conditions and be strictly monitored to control quality. It is very difficult to completely change the characteristics of coffee naturally. So to ensure safety for yourself and your family, use high-quality specialty coffees full of information, origin, and farming methods from XLIII Coffee – A brand developed from its predecessor 43 Factory. Coffee Roaster.

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