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Does coffee make you fat?


Does coffee make you fat? Coffee is a familiar beverage in Vietnamese life, consumed daily. Therefore, many people are interested in its effects, especially those related to health and body shape.

The reason people gain weight is due to an excess of calories, where the calorie intake exceeds the calories burned during daily activities. To determine if coffee makes you fat, you need to consider the calorie content of that cup of coffee.


How many calories are in 100mg of coffee?


For black coffee, on average, every 100g of coffee contains about 2.55 calories. However, few people prefer to drink pure black coffee and often add sugar, milk, cream, etc. In such cases, the calorie content in a cup of coffee will be much higher. For example, one teaspoon of sugar provides at least 16 calories. Ultimately, you determine the calorie content in your coffee.


Does drinking coffee make you fat?


With its low-calorie content, coffee does not make you gain weight. On the contrary, it can even support weight loss. The results of many studies have shown that drinking coffee is associated with fat loss, especially in men. Studies conducted on animals also yield similar results. Another interesting study indicates that chlorogenic acid in coffee is a potent substance in reducing body weight.

Uống cà phê có béo không

In addition, caffeine in coffee also enhances physical activity, helping the body burn more calories.

That’s for pure coffee. If you drink coffee with milk or add cream and other fats, it will diminish this effect and may even cause weight gain if the fat content is too high. Therefore, to drink coffee without gaining weight, you should drink black coffee. If you’re not used to it, you can add low-sugar milk, skim milk, or oat milk.


Habits that make you gain weight from drinking coffee


Adding sugar

Coffee is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, but adding sugar changes these effects. Coffee with too much added sugar can promote inflammation, and the nutritional deficiencies of added sweetness quickly outweigh any benefits caffeine may provide.

Uống cà phê có béo không

Expert Lawson says, “Women should consume 6 teaspoons of sugar in coffee, and men should consume 9 teaspoons of sugar each day to maintain a healthy body weight and prevent disease. Therefore, if you are drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee with artificial sweeteners, you are seriously damaging your body.”

It’s important to control the amount of sugar intake per day to protect your health and maintain your figure.

Adding other sweet ingredients

Preferred coffee types like lattes and mochas with very high sugar content may exceed your daily calorie needs. Ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup are not beneficial for maintaining your figure.

Adding cream

Lawson notes, “Drinking coffee with skim milk or whole milk only adds about 30 to 40 calories, while drinking it with whipped cream provides you with about 120 calories.”

Therefore, coffee itself doesn’t make you gain weight, but the additives you commonly use with it can lead to quick weight gain.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster has helped answer your question “Does drinking coffee make you fat?” To maintain a slim waistline, try to avoid accompanying foods, fats, sugars, and sweets when drinking coffee!

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