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Danang International Marathon 2024 – Run to breakthrough yourself


The Danang International Marathon 2024 is about to embark on its first runs, kicking off a vibrant summer season. Marathon running not only builds physical strength and endurance but also fosters a “steel” spirit as participants continually surpass their own limits. The beautiful sunny weather and peaceful scenery of Da Nang’s coastal city in March will serve as invisible motivation to propel the steps of the runners. Join 43 Factory Coffer Roaster to explore and register now to discover the mysterious energy within yourself!


General information about the Danang International Marathon 2024


Date of the event: March 24, 2024.

In late March, Da Nang appears charmingly comfortable with cool evenings and pleasantly mild days, providing participants with comfortable running conditions.

Weather forecast for March 24:

– Average temperature: 18 – 33 degrees Celsius.

– Humidity: 85%.

Schedule of the Danang International Marathon 2024

* Friday, March 22, 2024:

09:00 – 19:30: EXPO & Race Kit Collection.

* Saturday, March 23, 2024:

– 09:00 – 18:00: EXPO & Race Kit Collection.

– 09:00 – 14:00: Children’s Race Bib Collection.

– 15:30 – 15:45: Ronny Dash Warm-up.

– 15:45 – 16:00: Ronny Dash Participants Gather at Starting Line.

– 16:00: Ronny Dash – Start.

– 16:45 – 16:55: Post-Race Stretching for Children.

– 16:55 – 17:10: Ronny Dash – Prize Presentation for Children.

* Sunday, March 24, 2024:

– 02:00 – 10:00: Welcoming Participants & Bag Drop.

– 02:30 – 02:40: 42.195Km – Warm-up.

– 02:40 – 03:00: 42.195Km – Participants Gather at Starting Line.

– 03:00: 42.195Km – Start.

– 04:00 – 04:10: 21Km – Warm-up.

– 04:10 – 04:30: 21Km – Participants Gather at Starting Line.

– 04:30: 21Km – Start.

– 04:52 – 05:00: 10Km – Warm-up.

– 05:00 – 05:20: 10Km – Participants Gather at Starting Line.

– 05:20: 10Km – Start.

– 06:32 – 06:40: 5Km – Warm-up.

– 06:40 – 07:00: 5Km – Participants Gather at Starting Line.

– 07:00: 5Km – Start.

– 08:30: 21Km – COT (Course Closure).

– 09:00 – 10:30: Award Ceremony.

– 10:00: 42.195Km – COT & Event Conclusion.

Course Map

The running route this year is arranged as follows:

Danang International Marathon

Danang international Marathon 2024 - Chạy để bứt phá bản thân

Danang international Marathon 2024 - Chạy để bứt phá bản thân

Danang international Marathon 2024 - Chạy để bứt phá bản thân

Cut-off Times

The cut-off times for each distance from the starting point are as follows:

– Marathon – 42KM: 7 hours.

– Half Marathon – 21KM: 4 hours.

– 10KM: 2 hours 30 minutes.

– 5KM: 1 hour 30 minutes.


– Participants will not be allowed to continue after the cut-off times at each point under any circumstances to ensure the reopening of traffic for local residents according to regulations. This also ensures the safety of security forces, staff, and volunteers who should not work beyond the designated time, especially in hot weather conditions.

– Aid stations (water and medical) will also be closed when traffic resumes.

There are 4 road closure points, including:

Road closure points Closing time Marathon Half marathon
Km Km
Water Station No. 5 at the Intersection of Tran Thi Ly Bridge – Bach Dang 05:30 13.5 6
Water Station No. 11 on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street 07:20 26  
Water Station No. 8 at the base of Thuan Phuoc Bridge 8:30 33  
Water Station No. 14 at the Intersection of Hoang Sa – Nguyen Phan Vinh 9:30 39  

Support Stations

– Support stations, spaced approximately every 2km, will provide drinking water, electrolyte drinks, fruits, and medical assistance. The specific offerings may vary at each station. Please refer to the detailed map of the running route for more information.

– Water at support stations will be provided to runners in paper cups, and runners should dispose of the cups in designated trash bins after drinking.

– Stations will also have large water containers for runners who prefer to refill their own water bottles.

Not Completing the Race

In the event that a runner is unable to complete the race and wishes to withdraw, they should proceed to the Support Stations along the running route. The organizers have arranged buses to transport DNF (Do Not Finish) runners of the 42km and 21km distances back to the event area.

Instructions for Registering for the Danang International Marathon 2024

Participants can register for the Danang International Marathon 2024 in two ways: online and in-person.

Online Registration

Step 1: Visit the following link Here

Step 2: Choose the desired race distance.

Step 3: Fill in all required information and click “register.”

In-Person Registration

Registration can also be done at the information booth of the event area for the respective distances.

For more information, please visit the website


Resting After the Long Marathon Journey


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The News section has provided readers with information about the Danang International Marathon. Stay tuned for more interesting updates!

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