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CERRO AZUL – Gesha coffee with a high SCA score


CERRO AZUL is a coffee of the Gesha variety with a high SCA score of 93 points. SCA is the American Specialty Coffee Association, and the scale according to this standard is a prestigious certification for the quality of coffee beans. From 80 points will be recorded as delicious. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster will introduce you to this coffee with a score of up to 93!


Overview of CERRO AZUL


CERRO AZUL coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is purchased directly from Farm Cerro Azul. Products are rare lots not through auction. Cerro Azul is the highest farm up to 2000m above sea level with the most outstanding and distinctive features.

On a larger scale, the farm CERRO AZUL belongs to Cafe Granja La Esperanza (CGLE) producer, a well-known large producer established in 1945. In the coffee world in Colombia, CGLE is the birthplace. The largest, highest quality coffee symbolizes standard and superior coffee beans.

CERRO AZUL coffee from Café Granja La Esperanza is an almost absolute guarantee regarding indicators and taste.

Cerro Azul - Specialty Coffee Gesha

Features of CERRO AZUL coffee


Layers of incense

The magical fresh summer notes of CERRO AZUL change with the temperature. Specifically:

– When served hot: jasmine, pineapple, green apple

– When used warm: Cantaloupe, apple cider vinegar, green apple

– When served cold: Apricot, kiwi, mango

Unlike regular coffee, specialty coffee will leave a light aftertaste on everyone’s palate, as if attached to a cup of quality coffee. The aftertaste of Cerro Azul has a blend of cantaloupe, vanilla, and a hint of lemongrass.

Farm: Cerro Azul coffee at 43 Factory is imported from Farm Cerro Azul from Cafe Granja La Esperanza

Cerro Azul - Specialty Coffee Gesha

Cultivation conditions:

To create standard batches of coffee, the farm needs to meet the following conditions:

– Temperature: 15-21 degrees Celsius

– Rainfall: 1526 mm/year

– Humidity: 85-90%

– Altitude (above sea level): 1700 – 2000m

Harvest time: 05/2022. Freshly harvested batches of coffee should always ensure the freshest and most authentic taste.


Cup Cerro Azul: 375,000 VND/15 grams

Box Cerro Azul: 1,700,000 VND/150 grams

=> To create batches of Cerro Azul coffee, farmers must strictly follow the process, from cultivation to collection and preliminary processing,… Coffee beans not only contain clouds, wind, and water. of the growing area, but also bears the sweat and emotions of the people here.


Where to buy standard Cerro Azul coffee?


Because of market tastes, few Vietnamese coffee shops import Cerro Azul for sale. If you love or want to experience the youthful, fresh, sour summer flavor of this quality coffee, come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.

The workshop is present at two facilities:

– Lot 422, Ngo Thi Sy, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang.

– 178A Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


Hotline: 0799343943

Cerro Azul - Specialty Coffee Gesha

Each batch of coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is always transparent to each household. The guests can check the information for themselves, understand more about the coffee they love, and have more confidence in their chosen product.

With the method of ultra-light roasting (Extremely Light), the coffee beans retain their original flavor. This is also the operating principle of 43 Factory – respecting the original values.

When buying at the Workshop, you will be instructed on properly preparing and storing coffee to keep its taste fresh during use. Come to 43 Factory to fully immerse yourself in the sky of irresistible flavors.

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