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What is single origin? Finding the value of original coffee

Amidst the delicious coffees, have you wondered – what does the original specialty coffee mean? Originality, single origin coffee – the term in the specialty coffee world seems to imply something valuable.


What is Single Origin?


Single origin sounds like a simple description of something coming from a place. When talking about coffee, many people will refer to this as a term that denotes coffee that has a single origin – or comes from a single country. At 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, single origin is much more defined. It is coffee that is traceable to an area, a cooperative, and even an individual farmer and producer.

Single origin là gì

43 Factory believes that the clearer and more detailed its coffee origins are, the more believable it will become. We always name single origin coffees as specific as possible. If the coffee comes from a farmer or producer, we will name it after the farmer or producer – as unwavering respect for the region’s provenance. A good example is a species La Colmena #135 named after the farm that cultivated it – La Colmena in the Lonya Grande in the Amazonas.


What makes single origin coffee so special?


The reason that makes single origin coffee so special is that you have to take it seriously

We won’t rate good or bad coffee. Because everyone has their own preferences.Each single origin coffee bean will have a different taste, characteristic of the growing region and not easily confused. They represent the natural elements of the land where they were born, including coffee varieties, water sources, climate, soil quality and preliminary processing. Each of these factors can only be “unique” in each growing region. Each country, each region, will produce a very different flavor of Specialty coffee.

Single origin coffee has an important characteristic. That is seasonality. Coffee is freshest when freshly harvested. Therefore, 43 Factory often offers single origin coffee for a short time to preserve its taste.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

43 Factory Coffee Roaster chooses a quality coffee source that ensures 3 prerequisites:

– Originality: coffee variety, taste, cultivation method, preliminary processing, rating of 85 points or more on the SCA scale.

– Sustainability: community value, contributing to the development of smallholder farmers or producers.

– Transparency: farming, processing, buying and selling process, transparent and fair information for all processing stages and fully provided to all customers with price indexes to help customers understand Where the money goes, to whom: Paid for Farmer or Producer, FOB Price and DDP Price.

After the selection and storage process, the coffee will be evaluated and selected the right roasting profile for the maintenance and development of the intrinsic flavor. This process is carried out by the Product Development and Production department at the head office – 43 Factory Coffee Roaster facility 1 (Lot 422 Ngo Thi Si, My An, Da Nang).


The meaning of single origin in the supply chain


The meaning of single origin to the farmer


Today’s coffee farmers, especially those focusing on Specialty and Single origin coffees, take great pride in the quality of their coffee. They care about the cup of coffee and how it is delivered to the consumer. As El Molino Buena Vista coffee farm owner Andres Salaverria in El Salvador says, “Single origin coffees allow consumers to understand a particular coffee or profile in its own right… It’s also a great way for consumers to see what’s behind the cup of coffee in their hands, including the love and passion of each person, a dedicated team.”

“If they understand the quality of the product, that ensures sustainability for everyone who is putting more effort in every step of the coffee chain. Baristas or roasters must be able to provide first-hand information about the farmer and the farm; For me, that’s beautiful and that’s why the origin of the coffee is so important.”


The meaning of single origin to roaster


For most specialty roasters, single provenance is still not enough for the producer and the coffee. But there is one thing that cannot be denied, which is the unique value of each provenance. It is the basis for distinguishing different types of coffee.


The meaning of single origin to customers


Single origin coffee has an important meaning in raising the cup of coffee and bringing more civilized choices to today’s consumers.

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