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Does frozen green coffee affect the taste?


Freezing is a common method that helps certain foods stay fresh. So what about frozen green coffee beans? Is the quality of coffee affected after freezing or thawing? Let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Frozen green coffee beans stay fresh longer


Coffee has the property of absorbing moisture, spoiling quite quickly when exposed to the outside environment. In particular, in an environment with high temperature and humidity, the beans can lose water, freshness, and sweetness inherent in a strange-tasting cup of coffee. Some experts say this can be limited by adjusting the temperature of the storage to minus temperatures. According to the research results of Dr. Christopher Hendon in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Oregon, frozen green coffee beans will keep the coffee fresh longer than usual. Because the rate of chemical reactions occurring in the particle will slow down by half each time the surrounding temperature is reduced to 10 degrees Celsius. In particular, when reducing to a specific temperature, the process of releasing gas, The water or metabolism of frozen green coffee beans will take place extremely slowly. At this time, all activities inside the bean seem to be stagnant, helping the coffee keep fresh for a long time.

Cà phê nhân xanh đông lạnh


Freeze green coffee beans to keep their special flavor


Research on frozen green coffee at Dedan Kimathi University in Kenya has found that the quality of frozen cups of coffee scores high. During the test, green coffee was placed in perforated bags (similar in structure to jute bags) and then immediately placed in the freezer (without odors and other contaminants that affect the quality of coffee beans). ). Coffee beans are monitored for 75 days, then medium roasted and tested to compare with fresh beans. At this stage, five experts jointly evaluated samples of frozen green coffee and the results showed that frozen coffee still has a unique aroma and taste. Even when it just happened, the aroma of frozen coffee is still strong. Some experts have even found that coffee in a bag stored frozen has a heavier body, bright acidity, sharpness, and a more balanced aftertaste than coffee stored at room temperature. The cause may be because the coffee is frozen in the freezer, causing the beans to limit their ability to absorb oxygen and water from the atmosphere. The moisture in the beans also condenses thanks to the negative temperature, making the coffee sweeter and richer than usual.

Cà phê nhân xanh đông lạnh


Frozen green coffee beans can reduce flavor quality


Although frozen green coffee beans retain their freshness and high quality, actually freezing safely and effectively is not easy. The fact that frozen green coffee is still delicious is mostly due to the fact that it prevents the beans from being exposed to moisture and contaminants and slows down the reaction processes. If the freezer used to store coffee contains moisture (frost layer, the cabinet is not sealed) coffee can spoil quickly. In addition, coffee has the ability to absorb almost all surrounding odors. If other products (food with strong odors, rancidity, etc.) are stored together with coffee, they can also negatively affect the quality of the finished product. Therefore, always exercise caution when storing frozen coffee, making sure to keep other products in a separate freezer or compartment.

Cà phê nhân xanh đông lạnh

When properly frozen, green coffee can stay fresh for a long time. This ensures maintaining the deliciousness of the cup of coffee and creating an enjoyable user experience. However, the main thing is still the quality of the original coffee beans. So, if you want to experience premium coffees with unique flavors, choose specialty coffee batches at XLIII Coffee – The precursor brand of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

source: perfectdailygrind

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