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Is drinking hot or cold coffee better for your health?


Despite having the same cup of coffee, each person will have their own way of enjoying and preferences. Some are enchanted by the bitter taste mixed with the sweet creaminess of milk coffee, while others prefer the experience of the bitter taste lingering at the tip of their tongues from black coffee. Some are passionate about the intense aroma of hot coffee, while others enjoy the refreshing coolness of an iced coffee on a hot summer day. Have you ever wondered if temperature can affect the value of coffee beans? Is drinking hot or cold coffee better for your health? Let’s explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster in this article!


Is drinking hot or cold coffee better for health?


Coffee contains numerous health benefits, such as boosting immunity, enhancing focus, providing energy for physical activity, and reducing the risk of serious illnesses. Drinking hot or cold coffee doesn’t change the flavor profile significantly, but it can affect some compounds within it. A study conducted by Thomas Jefferson University found that when consumed hot, coffee has higher levels of antioxidants, thereby increasing its ability to prevent or slow down cellular damage compared to cold coffee.


The optimal brewing temperature for coffee is beneficial for the body.


Is drinking hot or cold coffee better for your health?What is the optimal brewing temperature for coffee for health?

We often estimate the brewing temperature of coffee casually; however, to optimize the value of coffee beans, brewing temperature needs to be standardized according to expert recommendations. Research in the United States suggests that the ideal drinking temperature for coffee is around 60 degrees Celsius on average, which can vary by up to 8.3 degrees Celsius higher or lower. This temperature not only ensures the taste of the beverage but also reduces the risk of burns while drinking. Hot beverages like coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and espresso are typically served at temperatures ranging from 71.1 to 85 degrees Celsius to ensure flavor but may pose a burn risk.


Is hot or cold coffee tastier?


Although taste preferences vary from person to person, we can create a flavor spectrum for coffee by varying the temperature for people to explore.

From 76 degrees Celsius and above, we can perceive the coffee aroma very well, but this may be hindered by the steam rising. Volatile compounds in coffee are released more rapidly.

Is drinking hot or cold coffee better for your health?At each temperature level, the flavors in coffee have slight differences

Lowering the temperature from 60 to 70 degrees Celsius can still maintain aroma diffusion, but users may find it harder to perceive the coffee flavor, especially subtle notes. Most flavors people perceive are bitter.

Below 50 degrees Celsius is when users can notice significant changes in the flavor and aroma of coffee. The aroma becomes less discernible. The bitter taste begins to decrease, allowing more complex flavor layers to emerge.

We can perceive the most flavors in the temperature range of 31-50 degrees Celsius, primarily sour and sweet. Sweetness becomes prominent and distinct around 44 degrees Celsius.

From 31-37 degrees Celsius, volatile compounds with sweet aroma, fruity aroma, floral aroma, etc., become more pronounced. We can experience a variety of aromas, thus discerning the differences between different types of coffee.

If you want to perceive acidity, a lower temperature around 25 degrees Celsius is ideal.

Therefore, sometimes the same cup of coffee, but by changing the temperature, you will discover many different interesting aspects hidden within it. If you prefer to experience more sweet fruity or sour flavors, you should drink it cold.

Above, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has presented the differences between cold and hot coffee, hoping readers can draw their own conclusions about whether hot or cold coffee is better for health.

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