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World Coffee Research organization announced a new Robusta variety list


Statista has estimated that Robusta coffee accounts for 40% of global coffee production in 2022 – 2023. However, its often low price makes it difficult for Robusta farmers because the genetic characteristics of this variety are less diverse. Unique form, not high quality finished product. Moreover, the process of growing and harvesting Robusta takes a lot of time and effort. If farmers plant varieties that are susceptible to pests and diseases, poor quality will cause heavy losses such as crop failure, selling prices not enough to cover production costs, etc. Therefore, World Coffee Research has researched and released a new Robusta variety list to make it easier for farmers to choose high-yield, high-quality cultivars. Let’s explore with 43 Factory Coffee now!


What is World Coffee Research?


World Coffee Research (WCR) is an industry-oriented organization promoting agricultural innovation for coffee to develop, protect and enhance the supply of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of coffee producing families. get high. WCR was founded in 2012 by the global coffee industry. WCR’s goal is to secure the future of coffee through agricultural innovation, helping countries improve their capacity to improve varieties, promote diversity of origins and create shared value for producers. exported worldwide.

The main activities of WCR include: development and distribution of new coffee varieties that are resilient to climate change, increasing yield and quality; develop and maintain a global testing system to evaluate the performance of coffee varieties; create tools and resources to support breeders, technicians, manufacturers and policymakers; develop a sensory dictionary to understand and measure the taste and smell of coffee; and participate in projects in partnership with other organizations to address important challenges facing the coffee industry.

danh sách giống Robusta mới


World Coffee Research announces new Robusta variety list


In early May 2023 World Coffee Research introduced a new Robusta variety portfolio. This robusta coffee portfolio was created thanks to the cooperation in sourcing data on varieties of research institutes, breeders, etc., from the Central Coffee Research Institute (CCRI), the Coffee Research Institute Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa (ICCRI), Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA), National Coffee Research Institute. The Uganda Coffee Research Institute (NaCORI-Uganda), the Central Highlands Integrated Agro-Forestry Institute (WASI) and the Nestlé Research Center. They have compiled and selected Robusta varieties of economic, historical, cultural or genetic importance.

The list has up to 47 varieties of Robusta coffee with diverse origins such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Uganda, Mexico and Vietnam. Within each variety in this list are more than 20 variables, such as yield potential, plant height, seed size, nutritional requirements, species, susceptibility to pests, disease severity, etc. ..

danh sách giống Robusta mới

Screenshot of some varieties on WCR .’s new Robusta variety list

>> You can see a detailed list of WCR’s Robusta coffee varieties here

In the publication of the coffee variety list, the WCR said the list represents all Robusta varieties. They have not been able to synthesize all the Robusta varieties worldwide. The genetic diversity of robusta coffee is likely to be much greater than that of Arabica and it is only just beginning to be discovered.


Benefits of using Robusta giống


The list of new Robusta varieties of WCR includes quality coffee varieties, diverse types with information about characteristics of each variety. This helps farmers and producers to make informed choices, suitable to the geographical conditions of each growing area, thereby reducing risks, increasing yield and quality of coffee during cultivation. . Since the life span of a coffee plant is 20-30 years, a farmer’s decision about which variety to grow will have long-term consequences. If farmers choose quality varieties from the beginning, favorable production will create many benefits. On the contrary, they will suffer both time and financial losses if they cannot find suitable cultivars. This can be clearly seen in the case of a Robusta coffee farmer in Uganda. He has successfully grown wilt-resistant (CWD-r) healthy coffee trees that can earn 250% more than a farmer growing susceptible and unhealthy varieties.

In addition, the new Robusta varieties announced by WCR can meet the increasing market demand for coffee. These varieties have better grain quality, high resistance to pests and diseases, and can meet international standards for coffee quality. As a result, farmers can sell their products at a higher price and earn a higher profit.

danh sách giống Robusta mới

As can be seen, the list of new Robusta coffee varieties of WCR brings many benefits. By using this list effectively, coffee farmers and producers can contribute to improving the quality of Robusta coffee and the coffee industry as a whole, while generating high income for themselves. body, for society. Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer in the world with the majority of Robusta coffee. However, most coffee farmers find it difficult to access information about quality coffee varieties, if possible, please share this article so that everyone can have more references about varieties. Don’t forget to follow 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to update more useful information about coffee!

Source: WCR

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