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Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346 – Affirming the potential of the Cajamarca region, Peru


Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346 is a Gesha coffee lot in the January 2023 harvest season of Finca La Palestina farm. Under the special natural care of growers in Cajamarca, Peru, coffee flourishes, promoting its strengths and uniqueness in the place of growth. Excellent grain profile reaching the 90.5 SCA threshold. The rich fragrance spectrum with multi-layered sweet aromas seems to want to show all the wonderful scenery of its homeland for the experiencer.


Advantages of nurturing place Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346


The production location of Finca La Palestina Gesha coffee lot #4346 is located in San José del Alto District, Cajamaca, Peru. Cajamarca is a city in the northern highlands of Peru with an altitude of up to 2,700 meters above sea level. The Cajamarca area extends north to the Ecuadorian border. Surrounded by the coastal regions of Piura, Lambayeque and Libertad, to the east are the regions of Amazonas and San Martín, making it a prime location for the development of Arabica coffee varieties. This area also has an equatorial climate, so the climate is mild, dry and sunny, along with fertile soil, providing ideal elements for high-quality coffee cultivation.

Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346

Additionally, San José del Alto County is in a mountainous area with many dense trees. This land is intersected by two basins, the Tabaconas River and the Cochalán River basin. A diverse ecosystem with native vegetation and agricultural livestock creates an environment for Gesha coffee sprouts to adapt and grow strongly. The intensity of rain on the river is abundant, the temperature ranges from 18°C to 24°C, suitable for the absorption, metabolism and shaping of coffee flavor.

Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346


The taste of Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346 is as cool as a mountain breeze


With its delightfully smooth texture and moderately balanced flavor, Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346 easily scores high marks in the hearts of coffee lovers. Because it’s hard for anyone to refuse the appeal of a cup of coffee with a smooth, delicate texture like matcha. Smooth flow with a light, pleasant mouthfeel like enjoying a trip to the Peruvian mountains.

Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346

The coffee flavor profile is a combination of the bright and bold acidity of black grapes and the gentle, elegant sweetness of jasmine. So, at first contact, you can feel the harmonious aroma of jasmine, black grapes and matcha. The scent combination brings a feeling of purity, closeness and full of relaxation. When you taste it, the experiencer will be surprised by the vivid changes of Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346. The layer of flavor that emerges in the mouth ranges from hot to cold, with multi-layered sweet and sour notes of lemon, apricot, and black grapes. At each touch point, the flavors compete to resonate with the scents of tea and flowers, trying to showcase the purely original attributes to paint a comprehensive scene of the precious scents and full of vitality of the land of Cajamarca. .

Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346


Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346 is the result of persistent protection of the color green


Located in an area with abundant natural resources, 90% of the land is mountainous and densely forested, but this place faces a big problem of deforestation. Forests are continuously disappearing, causing consequences such as soil erosion, rising temperatures, and reducing the area of land suitable for coffee cultivation. Understanding the importance of the close relationship between forest protection and coffee quality, Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346 plantation farm has re-established its entire operating process. The planting area was renovated, increasing the density of coverage with a variety of native plants. Upgrade nutrition and farming conditions using organic methods, minimizing negative impacts on the environment. The new generation of farm managers – the brothers  Alarcón Coronel continuously seek and adapt proper production techniques and orthodox views on how to elevate coffee in tandem with environmental sustainability.

Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346

Thanks to efforts to protect and respect the origin, Finca La Palestina Gesha #4346 grew up to truly and completely define the definition of specialty coffee. Both the quality of the beans and the unique flavor clearly highlight the essence and originality of the rich potential land of Cajamarca, Peru. If you love this flavor, stop by XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.

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