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Worker who spreads the value of the original coffee beans


The Worker is the name reserved for the lovely, hardworking people at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. Workers want to bring coffee’s love, passion, and outstanding values to the community. Let’s see the workers’ journey of growing up and spreading the core values of coffee.


The Worker is not just a Barista


At 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, baristas are called workers. The diligent coffee maker, besides creating delicious cups of coffee in the right way and provides a standard quality of service that carries more than the responsibilities on his shoulders. 

Worker - Người lan tỏa giá trị nguồn gốc của hạt cà phê

More than just serving and brewing, the Workers at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster are the guardians and inspirations of a long journey of coffee beans. They are passionate and have a deep understanding of coffee culture. They are professional and reliable when carrying out their responsibilities and noble mission and our organize. The workers at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster warmly welcome, create and deliver to you the most attractive and quality finished products. They tell stories about farmers, the country, or the life of fragrant cups of coffee. Sometimes they are excited to share trips, show off successful roasts, or cupping new coffees of the workshop like friends eager to share the fruits and joys.

Worker - Người lan tỏa giá trị nguồn gốc của hạt cà phê

These sincere, friendly friends always listen to your needs, and help, and lead you on a journey to find an interesting source. You can understand more about the growing area, farmers, the origin of the taste, about the people who make genuine rustic coffee to appreciate their value and enjoyment. 

Professional baristas create flavor cohesion, and Worker of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster connects a journey, a long chain of coffee supply, and customers. 


Value of each Worker in the operating gear chain


Finding the roots, protecting and inspiring the sustainable coffee industry, and spreading the concept of original values and the authentic taste of coffee fruit to the community is always the concern of coffee makers worldwide. This concern is also the driving force for 43 Factory Coffee Roaster team to operate, and each Worker is a vital link that retains heat, nourishes, and connects.

Worker - Người lan tỏa giá trị nguồn gốc của hạt cà phê

On the long journey of supplying coffee, Worker can be considered the only and final direct touch point to the end user. As close quality links, sending the soul of taste, conveying messages for users to understand and appreciate the efforts of farmers, roasters, coffee seeds, natural flavors,… through each cup of coffee, each story. They evoke emotions, lead passion and love, spread awareness, and catalyze the practical action of the whole community. 

So dedicated and professional workers will create a large community and a sustainable coffee industry.


Worker and the journey to spread the origin value of coffee beans


Preserving the original value


Find about protecting and transmitting the roots so that the core, beautiful, pure values are spread through the solid coffee seeds to convey the right and exciting information, our workers must go through long journeys with many difficulties and efforts. They explore coffee farms, experiment and understand the value, and constantly accumulate new things to share with everyone about a coffee world of truth. 

Worker - Người lan tỏa giá trị nguồn gốc của hạt cà phê

Finding and protecting simple but precious things, distilling and conveying through each cup of coffee with the unique flavor of the growing region – colorless, complex. Our worker sends you flavors from the original, pure but delicate origin. 


Inspire through small stories


Every time you go to our coffee shops, you will hear interesting little stories about the coffee you enjoy. It could be about the great mission of world-class private farmers, about premium coffee varieties, about diligent farmers,… The story is slight but evokes a deep sense of the roots, the love of the profession, and the value of the constant effort behind the cup of coffee you enjoy.

Worker - Người lan tỏa giá trị nguồn gốc của hạt cà phê

The Worker is not just a regular job or coffee service provider. These diligent workers are better than that. You are invited to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to feel the workers’ love, true root value, and enthusiasm here.


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