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The typical Vietnamese coffee culture is unmistakable anywhere


The typical Vietnamese coffee culture is always something mysterious and enthralling. Different from the coffee culture of other places, enjoying coffee in Vietnam is not only about experiencing tongue-fluttering emotions but also connecting people with people.


Vietnamese coffee culture


The Vietnamese coffee culture was born decades ago from Western countries. Soon after, the once-luxury drink was quickly “Vietnamized” and became a feature in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people.


When did the Vietnamese coffee culture start?


In 1857, coffee was introduced to Vietnam through missionaries from France. At that time, in the eyes of Vietnamese people, coffee was still a strange and luxurious drink that only the French could use. But thanks to suitable soil and soil, coffee trees have been planted more widely and popularly in our country. Thanks to that, the price of coffee dropped, and the habit of drinking coffee gradually formed in the Vietnamese community. Over the years, the drink has had a strong aroma, a bit bitter but a strong aftertaste that Vietnamese people are passionate about.

văn hoá cà phê


Unique Vietnamese coffee culture


In Vietnam, coffee is an indispensable drink for many people. People often start a new day with an early morning cup of coffee and end a long tiring day with a coffee chat with friends. It seems that coffee is not only felt by the sensitive touch of the tip of the tongue but also by the warm, pulsating heart in the chest.

Coffee is the savior of many people because its caffeine can make people more alert and focused. In the early afternoon, mentally sluggish and needing something to wake them up, the office people did not hesitate to order a cup of coffee immediately. Then the energy overflows. We look to coffee in all situations, when we are sad, when we are happy, when we are tired and when our vitality shines,… This drink is present in the spiritual life of people anytime, anywhere.

văn hoá cà phê

While other countries like to sip coffee inside a luxury restaurants, most Vietnamese people prefer sidewalk coffee. No fussy scenery, a simple table with a few plastic chairs is enough. People gathered on the sidewalk, holding a cup of fragrant coffee, posting bitter messages, and sharing stories of everyday life. The bustling atmosphere outside, the flow of busy traffic “spreads” to the people who are holding their heads next to the coffee filter. Everyone was much more excited, not bothering with rituals, but easy to approach. Sometimes we don’t know each other but suddenly become familiar thanks to a cup of coffee on a beautiful day. Vietnamese people sometimes go for “luxury” coffee, but in general, people still prefer affordable coffee;. However, it is only 15,000 – 30,000 VND, the comfort and humanity in it are priceless not everywhere also get. Everyone is comfortable teasing each other, laughing, and listening to customers. Still, the shop owner is also “happy”, running out to chat with customers, and people with people are no longer shy.

the typical Vietnamese coffee culture

Coffee for Vietnamese people is also an invitation to the beginning of appointments. We often ask someone, “Do you have coffee today?”. Well, such a simple statement can open up deeper relationships. Hesitant to say, “Shall we go on a date?” Vietnamese people change it to “Let’s go for coffee?” which is more convenient and closer.

The Vietnamese coffee culture is so typical, so no matter where they go, children who are far away from home still have a longing and unforgettable memory.

Above, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has just sent readers a few features about Vietnamese coffee culture – a culture that makes many passionate and eager to mingle. Come with us and experience many things about the world of coffee!

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