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Lycello coffee – the expensive melody in Panama


Lycello coffee was the first flavor created at Ninety Plus Geisha Estates in Panama. As a noble and seductive legend, Lycello demonstrates the intensely energetic vitality of the volcanic highlands where it matured. Each cup note is delicate and transparent, like the harmony of vast Panamanian nature with immense attraction. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to experience this legendary ensemble!


The elegant aroma of Lycello coffee


Lycello originates from visiting Ninety Plus Gesha Estates and tasting this beautiful coffee bean by World Barista Champion Bruce Lee in 2012. Incorporating the word “lychee” inspired by the memory of Bruce Lee’s childhood and “cello”—inspired by the pure sound of the soloist of the talented YoYoMa, the founder of Ninety Plus decided to name this unique Gesha Lycello. After that, through many experimental processing processes to enhance the complexity of the aroma and balance the depth and brightness of the Lycello coffee’s flavor, it becomes even more vivid, deep, and sweet.

The flavors of Lycello blend with smooth sophistication and are sweet, elegant, and deeply complex, immersing the viewer in admiration. The cup of coffee with a gentle taste, like the sound of the piano, quickly sends the mind flying to the soft pink and white clouds. With excellent balance, a smooth body, sweet sourness, and a life like an explosive concert of citric, malic, and tartaric, Lycello coffee confidently radiate the round, sharp notes of the whole fruit garden. The aroma of oolong tea, jasmine, mint, the fresh sweet taste of lychee, ripe citrus with a lingering aftertaste, and ending with honey and crispy soft grapes. The unique aroma and taste of Lycello, as if performing an ensemble with nature, the positive, gentle, elegant notes bring the flow of love to help the recipient soothe the spirit and heal the pain.


Cà phê Lycello


How expensive is Lycello 90+ coffee


Aristocratic, luxurious taste like a classical chamber ensemble, 90+ lycello coffee is always on the Top list of the most expensive coffee in the world. If you are curious about how expensive coffee can be, this Ninety Plus Gesha Estates will surely make you explore your imagination. Dubbed the legendary coffee of Panama, Lycello occupies the top of the ranking with a price of up to 7,300 pounds/kg, equivalent to more than 200 million VND / kg. It is a price that is hard to imagine, but there are still people who do not care about it because they are fascinated with this magical taste. This coffee is a testament to the power and enchantment of specialty coffee in general and Lycello Gesha coffee in particular.


Lycello coffee is the result of a blend of growers and creators


This noble Gesha breed is favored to grow where the quintessence of three tectonic plates is millennia old, right in the center around the fertile Barú Panama volcano. As the quintessence of heaven and earth, the roots of this place are pampered, fostering the taste of Lycello coffee has a particularly delicate complex characteristic that no other type of coffee can match. The abundant minerals of magma lava erupt from the ground, the essence of spring water and natural rainwater, the excellent fresh steep terrain, the coffee seeds quietly accumulate each aroma and then transform into a new and powerful colorful song, lively but elegant, ethereal.

Not only is Lycello coffee biased by farmers in the Chiriqui region, but Ninety Plus Estates is also organic without chemicals and controlled with strict standards. To ensure the most comfortable habitat for the arrogant Lycello girls, Ninety Plus has abandoned high yields to carry out replanting and forest protection. Besides, meticulous care from testing to planting, harvesting, and perfectly controlling fermentation and washing processing; so that coffee beans bring the most straightforward, profound, and decadent flavor and sweetness.

Cà phê Lycello

Lycello coffee is the most beautiful crystallization of man and creation. Through efforts from the plantation to the hands of the craftsman, Lycello blossomed. Still, the excellent note showed the outstanding value of the place where it was raised, giving its birthers and beneficiaries an emotionally magnificent harmony. If you’re interested in the most expensive legendary music on the planet, head to 43 Factory, which is always ready for fragrant tomatoes to lead you to emotional harmony.


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