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Fairtrade’s new coffee standard helps prevent comprehensive deforestation


According to statistics, thousands of hectares of forest worldwide are lost every year to agricultural and industrial activities, including coffee cultivation. The loss of forest protection exacerbates climate change, threatening livelihoods, lives, and the sustainable development of society. Therefore, Fairtrade International has updated its new coffee standards to strengthen the prevention, monitoring, and mitigation of deforestation and environmental degradation. Find out with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Fairtrade announces new coffee standards


In February 2024, Fairtrade updated its Coffee Standards to promote efforts to reduce environmental degradation specifically for coffee producers and traders. The new Fairtrade standards undergo a thorough review and update process, initiated and led by the Fairtrade International Standards and Pricing Unit. This process includes the participation of farmers and farm personnel, whose opinions are compiled and considered for adjustment and supplementation by the Fairtrade International Standards Committee. The Committee includes representatives from the three Fairtrade Producer networks, ensuring that the views of all stakeholders are fully considered and consistent with Fairtrade International’s mission and policy statements.

Fairtrade’s new updated standards will officially come into force in 2026, allowing producers and traders a transition period to adjust their farm practices and ensure stakeholders can comply. 

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Fairtrade has updated its Coffee Standards to promote efforts to reduce environmental degradation specifically for coffee producers and traders


New Fairtrade coffee standards ensure the prevention of deforestation


According to Fairtrade, the new coffee standard aims to guide approximately 600 coffee cooperatives, representing approximately 870,000 coffee farmers cultivating over 1.1 million hectares, in meeting the requirements. Do not destroy forests entirely.

Specifically, production organizations and businesses must ensure that they do not produce or supply coffee grown in areas where forest land has been converted into agricultural land. Members of the organization must also ensure that they do not cause deforestation or degradation of primary or secondary forests, protected areas, or areas with ecosystems of high conservation value or carbon storage. The limit set for land conversion and non-deforestation practices is January 1, 2014.

The new coffee standard also requires all farms to record GPS geolocation points or GPS polygons. Importing businesses need to provide available geolocation data for 100% of the cooperating coffee sources or, at a minimum, have GPS polygons for coffee farms over 4 hectares and GPS location points for smaller farms. This will facilitate control, origin determination, and the timely prevention of deforestation.

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Fairtrade’s new coffee standards are designed to guide around 600 coffee cooperatives

In addition, the new standard also requires organizations to develop plans to prevent and monitor deforestation. These steps will be supported by a satellite platform provided by Fairtrade. Organizations and businesses will have to report data to Fairtrade International annually according to forms. Fairtrade has established a partnership with a leader in deforestation monitoring (Satelligence) to support producer organizations with access to data and action on identified risks.

Fairtrade’s new coffee standard not only sets out zero-deforestation regulations for coffee but also requires monitoring, risk assessment, construction, or biodiversity management and monitoring. Furthermore, the organization also provides technical support, technology, and reporting standards to ensure effective implementation by relevant parties.

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Source: Fairtrade International, dailycoffeenews

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