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Enjoy the full taste of nature through Lycello Filter


Lycello Filter Coffee is a drink that contains endless gravity. Just a simple way to make craft coffee, it is easy to make anyone become a believer the first time to experience it. Lycello coffee beans are already a legend in the specialty world. But through filters, Lycello truly exudes the pristine beauty in the bead soul. The color, the taste like a pure young girl, laughing a little, also makes many people fall in love. What is so special about this beautiful beauty that has such a mesmerizing power? 


Lycello Filter Coffee showcases all pure beauty


Balanced, flexible coffee cup shades 


Like the first love at the age of 17 that everyone remembers forever, the bright brown color of Lycello Filter Coffee is also delicately clear and beautiful beyond words. Taking a sip, each delicate drop with a smooth body immediately penetrated deep into the throat, creeping into the depths of the mind. Slow down a beat to feel. Coffee after the filter, the taste is not only in the bar but elevates the flavor to a beautiful level. With some sophisticated techniques, Citric, malic, and Tartaric juggle mischievously with rhythmic movements that make Lycello achieve a delicate, edgy acidity. Like a beautiful bird chirping in the rainforest, Acidity flexibly stimulates the taste buds after every lip touch. The tip of his tongue felt the sour taste for a moment and was suddenly soothed by the gentle sweetness deep within the seed. Filter gave the quintessence of Lycello the freedom to show off their best colors, then blended tightly, softly, and explosively but in very balanced harmony.

Cà phê Lycello - gesha coffee - filter


The taste of the pristine rainforest 


The Lycello Filter Coffee flavor is the epitome of the place it calls home. Each layer of incense radiates, inviting users to the fresh horizons of the mystical land of Panama. We are transformed into little spirits, free to discover magical flavors. Flying in the scent of coffee, we can feel the first sweet aroma of oolong tea and jasmine flowers like the warm, elegant breath of the ancient forest. Enjoy some fresh floral scents, and visit petroglyphs from pre-Columbian times. Travel there and come across a new orchard. Taste orange, lychee, honey, passion fruit,.. just enough perfect ripeness to show the quintessential sweet. The gentle, sweet, and sour taste is as delicate as from waterfalls; pure cool springs are very natural. Following that pure water, we reach the highest peak to feel the majesty of the volcanoes, refreshingly releasing the spirit through the spicy, excellent mint aroma. The more you think about that pure, delicate taste, the deeper and more strangely enticing.

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How to make Lycello Fiter easily at home


A good cup of coffee is not suddenly there. Lycello is wonderfully vivid, with notes containing all the essence of Panama’s motherland nature. But this manual drip method is the perfect way to express all its delicate flavors. A filter is simply pouring water through coffee on top of the filter. We waited for the moment when the coffee powder gradually swelled and then dripped every drop of delicious them into the vase below. No complicated colors Lycello Filter Coffee is deep and elegant, gently spreading the charming aromas of people’s hearts.

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Cà phê Lycello - gesha coffee - filter


Lycello Filter helps purify mental emotions


Nurtured entirely in harmony with nature, Lycello Filter brings pure energy to soothe the tense soul gently. The taste of coffee is bright, sweet, and refined instead of the words of the wind; flowers send into each layer of delicate aroma. Calm down and feel these flavors to immerse yourself in the magical moment of the great thousand and Panamanian human life, like melodic tones that separate the mind from the hurried noise. The taste of the source is gentle to purify all negative emotions of the user. 

If you want apparent peace, try a cup of Lycello Filter coffee. The scent layer encapsulates the flower of creation, and the energy of love will help you relax and fuel the journey of fresh magic.


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