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Sweet – Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel


We instinctively tend to like “sweetness” in many different ways. The body often has excellent reactions to the sweet aftertaste. So, with coffee, the person who enjoys it is usually very eager to find the sweetness in the end, making them excited and impressed.

In this article, we will continue to explore the sweet spot on the colorful circle: Sweet – Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel


Denotes the tasting Sweet Group


Assuming you have just taken a sip of wonderful Guatemala, you might notice an exceptionally bright sweetness, but what sweetness specification is that? Is it similar to the sweetness of vanilla? Or brown sugar? If it was brown sugar, would it be more like honey or caramel?

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In particular, Central American coffees are often noted for their sweetness. Costa Rican coffee often has the sweet and rich taste of chocolate. Mexican coffee tends to be richer and has the sweetness of caramel.


Subcategories Of Sweet Group


The sweet taste is broken down into different parts, the essential flavor elements for which sucrose compounds are typical.

Sweet Aromatics

This fragrance appears before your lips reach the side of the glass; this entry represents a wide range of sweet fragrances. The references for this item specification are the Fischer Scientific Vanillin and Nabisco cookies.

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It is a taste that most people are familiar with. However, in contrast to the popular vanilla flavors people are often impressed with, the original vanilla flavor from fresh vanilla fruit has a woody and slightly “chemical” sweetness.

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Overall Sweet

A harmonious combination of taste and aroma. It is associated with the taste of Wheaties – a usual breakfast cereal in Europe.


Unlike typical vanilla, Vanillin refers to flavorings that we might associate with cotton candy or marshmallows.

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Brown Sugar

Specialty in Viet Nam

Described as round and rich. The brown sugar family includes several other subcategories, such as:

– Molasses: a range of hints of caramel, sharp sweetness and acidity

– Maple Syrup: Woody aroma, sweet, brown, slightly greenish taste.

– Caramelization: Full body, medium brown color, aromatic sweetness combined with cooking sugar (excluding burnt notes)

– Honey: Sweet, light brown, slightly sour and aromatic.

Specialty in Viet Nam

Like anything, developing perceptual abilities is a skill that takes time and practice to refine. Be more patient with the habit of tasting coffee every day. Let your best friend indulge in a variety of taste associations. Over time, you will increase your perception of flavors and enhance your appreciation of coffee from different regions.

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