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The price of Gesha coffee breaks records in Panama


The price of Gesha coffee makes people curious and interested because it is called “the most expensive coffee in the world”. That came true when Gesha broke the price record in Panama. Price is an important criterion besides quality when people look at a product. So it’s understandable that people tend to notice it. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster sends you the price of this expensive coffee.


The price of Gesha coffee breaks records in Panama


Panama is the motherland of Gesha Panama (sometimes called Geisha). This coffee variety has the most outstanding price in Panama.

The numbers will be reputable evidence to prove it. Specifically, according to auction data at the Best Green Coffee Auction of Panama 2018 organized by the Panama Coffee Association:

Natural-processed Gesha coffee from Lamastus Family Estates in Boquete, Panama, fetched $803 a pound. This was the highest price at that time paid at the coffee auction. Meanwhile, the previous record for Gesha coffee price in Panama was $ 601 / pound.

Thus, in 2018, the price of Gesha coffee broke a record in Panama with a figure of $ 803 / pound. This number not only stops here but also continues to increase in the following years. In 2021, this price has reached 2,568 USD / pound and in 2020 it is more than 1,300 USD / pound.

Buying Gesha is becoming a trend in the premium specialty coffee market, with buyers coming from Asia, Australia, Europe and the US. They are willing to spend impossibly large amounts of money to get the best coffee beans. It seems that the high price issue has not stopped people’s love for Gesha coffee.


Annual price of Gesha coffee


The results of the Gesha Panama coffee auctions at the Best Green Coffee Auction of Panama from 2020 – 2021 will give you a better overview of the price development journey of the “world’s most expensive coffee” :


Price of Gesha coffee in 2021


Price of Gesha coffee


Price of Gesha coffee in 2020


Price of Gesha coffee

Depending on the processing method, the score according to the SCA scale, etc., the price of Gesha coffee will be different.


Why is Gesha coffee so expensive?


The main reason for the high price of Gesha coffee is its excellent quality, unique taste,…

To evaluate the quality of Specialty coffee beans, people often rely on the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) scale. Reaching 80 points is “delicious” coffee beans and is classified as a specialty coffee. Looking at the auction tables in section 2, you can see that this scale of Gesha coffee is from 88 points or more.

Besides, the taste of Gesha Panama coffee is also something that makes many people passionate:

Gesha possesses a flavor and a taste worthy of its pride and popularity in the coffee village. Gesha Panama coffee has a tropical fruit flavor, clean, bright, slightly sour, sweet aftertaste.

Gesha will bring you a symphony of flavors and aromas from the first sip. You will feel a rich bouquet blooming in your mouth with notes of hibiscus, jasmine and even lavender – sweet notes. Stepping through the flower garden, you will be led by Gesha to a fruit-filled garden with citrus fruits such as oranges and pink grapefruits, along with the sweet and sour taste of peach blossom tea. When the coffee cools a bit, you will feel through the taste of the tropical fruit garden smoother and sweeter.

What makes many people miss Gesha Panama is the aftertaste. Although the sips of coffee have drifted away, there are still subtle and dense aromas in the palate that make you satisfied from the light and creamy taste of assam tea (an Indian black tea). degree) and lemon-honey, the end is like a fine butter pudding.

The price of Gesha Panama coffee is expensive because of its excellent quality and taste. On the contrary, if a type of coffee does not bring results beyond expectations, will people spend a large amount of money to get it for such a long time?

To test the magical and complex flavors of Gesha Panama, we invite you to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to enjoy premium, original cups of Gesha coffee!

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