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Surma coffee – Gesha coffee for the environment


Surma is a Gesha coffee variety – A high-quality specialty coffee that has been certified and tested by experts. People love Surma Coffee because of its fresh summer taste and the sweetness of youth. Overcoming geographical barriers, Bench Maji Zone’s precious coffee beans are present at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to welcome friends from the tropics.


Surma Coffee


As a type of Gesha coffee, Surma is named after the “home” farm as a way to remember and pay tribute to the place that has distilled the quintessence to create strong, delicate coffee beans.

Surma coffee – Gesha coffee for the environment


Coffee Profile


43 Factory always transparent and publicize all information about coffee so that customers understand the products they use. Above all, this is also the source and pride of Surma coffee – specialty coffee grown in harsh conditions.

– Origin: Ethiopia

– Region: Bench Maji Zone

– Farm: Surma, Gesha Village Coffee Estate

– Breed: Gesha 1931

– Harvest year: 02/2022

– Altitude: 1909 – 2063 meters above sea level

– Preliminary processing method: Washed

– Weight: 150 grams

– Soil: Primary forest, red-brown humus soil

– Temperature: 9 – 30 degrees Celsius

Cà phê Surma – Giống cà phê Gesha vì môi trường


Surma coffee flavor


Taste is a fingerprint to identify different types of coffee. This is also the most concerned consumer issue. Everyone’s preferences will be different; some people like the faintly fruity flavor, and some people like the rich and rich sweetness of vanilla,… Which guest will the flavors of Surma coffee be suitable for?

Aroma (Aroma): Jasmine, Watermelon, Rose Damascena.

A unique thing about specialty coffees is that the notes will change with temperature. You will not always feel the scent of jasmine or watermelon; over time, the glass in your hand will gradually decrease in temperature, and the layers of incense will gradually appear. Your job is to “dissect” each layer, layer after layer, and guess how they will change.

When enjoyed hot, Surma coffee will smell of jasmine, orange blossom, and Damascena rose. A flower garden is blooming inside the mouth. Take a leisurely sip and feel the flowers in bloom, roaming on the tip of your tongue. Are you happy to discover a beautiful flower lurking inside the Surma coffee cup?

A few minutes later, the temperature dropped, and another layer of incense “came out”. This time it is no longer a gentle floral scent; everything is gradually clear, bold, sweet, and sour. This is when watermelon, strawberry, and lemonade flavors “greet” precious friends.

Surma coffee becomes passionate and attractive with rose, peach, and lemon aromas when used cold. Do you think this is the end of the flavor walk? Not yet. The fragrant aftertaste of jasmine, earl tea, and apricot will make everyone flutter. Not letting the fragile emotions slip away quickly, Surma uses the aftertaste to “catch” the guests’ souls from afar.

Acidity: Specialty coffee preserves all the things about green coffee beans, including acidity. Surma coffee has a reasonably light, light Citric acid – an acidic composition mainly from citrus fruits

Cà phê Surma – Giống cà phê Gesha vì môi trường


Roasting coffee Surma


Of 3 popular coffee roasting methods, 43 Factory Coffee Roasters choose the Extremely Light method. With this method, the Workshop successfully preserves everything from the depths of Surma coffee’s roots. Thanks to this, users can experience the coffee story that Surma is hiding.


Surma coffee is environmentally conscious


The coffee industry wants to develop sustainably, and it is impossible to ignore the environmental factor – The place that provides a source of life for coffee trees. Because of human activities, the environment is being severely damaged. This is when all industries join hands to restore mother nature.

Surma coffee also has its own way of loving the environment, small but meaningful.

Surma boxes at 43 Factory all use biodegradable paper shipping packaging, leather straps, and environmentally friendly protection. Packaging is packed just enough, not too big, leading to waste. In addition, Surma does not use other ancillary promotional products.

Nylon and plastic take decades to decompose completely, but with biodegradable paper materials, this time is relatively shortened, minimizing soil pollution.

Despite being a friendly material, the paper boxes are also lovely, elegant, and rustic. It is appropriate to use as a gift or to buy and use, both showing the buyer’s sincere heart and the general sense of environmental protection.

Surma coffee – Gesha coffee for the environment


Enjoy Surma coffee


If Surma can touch your heart, come to 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to enjoy and share with people with similar interests.

Factory address:

– Lot 422 Ngo Thi Sy, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang

– 178 Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Not only cups, the workshop also prepared Surma Coffee boxes for everyone to bring back as gifts. Joining hands with the coffee industry to protect the environment, Surma coffee boxes use paper, which is both friendly and extremely beautiful.


Instructions for preservation and use of Surma coffee


The jewel of every coffee box is the taste. The urgent problem is how to preserve and use so that these notes can sublimate.

– Coffee wants to rest in a cool place away from sunlight and sealed bags;

– Our coffee peaks after 4 weeks from the date of roasting;

– Our coffee maintains its aroma spectrum within 6 months from opening the bag, and the quality gradually decreases after that;

– Our coffee is packed with flavor locking technology, so it can be preserved for 2 years from the date of production when the bag is not opened. We also recommend do not use when first opening the bag, please open and close the bag for another 3 days to fully release the flavor-locking encapsulation technology;

– Our coffee will clearly show the flavor description after 03 days from the time you open and close the bag for the first time.

Come with us to write your own coffee stories.

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