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A Da Nang coffee beans supplier can keep the origin

43 Factory Coffee Roaster is a reputable Da Nang coffee beans supplier and always protects the original. This place is both a coffee roaster and a coffee shop.


A Da Nang high-quality specialty coffee beans supplier


43 Factory Coffee Roaster offers a mild flavor Specialty Coffee line. The factory uses 100% Specialty Coffee standard Arabica coffee beans (good seed source, with the best growing and caring conditions) imported from abroad. Besides, the “original” is always on top. Because the workshop believes that coffee beans are already very “beautiful” from shape, aroma to taste.

We do not use a method that affects the coffee beans too strongly, but uses the Nordic roasting method. This method can capture all the essence and keep the “original” character and flavor of the coffee beans. In particular, the types of coffee are always updated continuously according to the season, ensuring freshness.


Transparency of origin


Coffee imported to 43 Factory is always guaranteed to have a clear origin and of the highest quality, easily traceable with a transparent information system amidst the ‘flatness’ of the world.


On time delivery


Understanding the inconvenience to customers when being late for delivery, and with the goal of becoming a professional supplier of Da Nang coffee beans locally and throughout Vietnam, we always ensure coffee delivered on time. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has the following delivery time regulations:

+ In Da Nang: same day delivery

+ Outside Da Nang: delivery from 2-4 days. Depending on the method of delivery and the place of receipt, the time may change. If you choose the express shipping package, it only takes 1-2 days, while the Standard package takes 3-7 days.

Note: all orders go through another carrier.


Enthusiastic consulting and support service


With a good understanding of coffees and the spirit of spreading coffee values widely, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster – a Da Nang coffee beans supplier is ready to advise and share everything about coffee for you. friend.

We’ll find the coffee and grind size that’s right for you. Or you don’t know which brewing method is best for your favorite coffee? Rest assured, the Barista is happy to share the “secret” for you right away. Besides, there are many issues that the workshop can advise and support you wholeheartedly such as mixing tools, grind size, ..v.v.

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