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Positive changes in the body when drinking black coffee for a week


Milk coffee with its sweet taste lingering on the tongue has an irresistible appeal to many people. However, if you try replacing milk coffee with black coffee, you may get surprising results. An author in the US noticed changes in the body during a week of drinking black coffee. Let’s join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to see what this girl has received in return!


Body changes during a week of drinking black coffee


For those who are used to the sweetness of milk coffee, surely switching to black coffee will make them disappointed at first.

Great source of energy

After getting used to the discomfort caused by the change in familiar flavors, the girl began to feel abundant energy. Milk coffee brings alertness in the morning but by noon you will start to feel drowsy. Black coffee can maintain this focus all day long. This may be related to blood sugar levels. If you drink coffee with a little milk, especially without breakfast, you will see your blood sugar spike and then drop quickly. Sugar problems do not occur when drinking black coffee.

Workout better

Usually, people feel strong at the beginning and tired later. But when drinking black coffee, this fatigue can be “delayed”. The girl was given more motivation to perform the exercises energetically.

black coffee

A cup of pure coffee provides a great source of energy

Increase ability to concentrate

This American author realized that when she separated milk from coffee, her brain worked more flexibly. Studies have shown that people who drink coffee tend to have improved short-term memory.

Limit hunger

When drinking black coffee, the girl hardly feels hungry, especially in the morning. On normal days, this person has the habit of snacking until noon. But when you drink black coffee in the morning, you can skip snacks until lunchtime.


Health benefits of drinking black coffee


If you use pure black coffee, without adding other spices, you can improve your health because this drink contains many benefits, specifically:

Supports burning excess fat

Black coffee, especially the unsweetened variety, has been proven by many studies to have the ability to promote calorie burning in the body. This causes the body to use stored fat as a source of energy during exercise, thereby making your weight loss process more effective. At the same time, black coffee also helps control appetite, leading to consuming fewer calories during the day.

Increase ability to concentrate

Caffeine in coffee has the ability to stimulate brain cells to work faster, making memory sharper, improving cognitive ability and enhancing concentration. Furthermore, black coffee also promotes the production of serotonin, an important neurotransmitter related to mood. When serotonin levels increase, your mood also improves significantly.

Prevent the risk of certain diseases

Many new studies have shown that it can reduce the risk of many types of cancer such as cervical, liver, leukemia, skin, colon, breast, rectal and anal cancers. According to a research team from the World Cancer Research Fund (2015), it was concluded that coffee not only does not cause cancer but also helps prevent many types of cancer.

Enhance metabolism

Caffeine can enhance the body’s process of converting energy from food into fuel for living activities. Research has shown that coffee consumers not only have a faster metabolic rate during drinking, but it also continues to increase 3 hours after consumption. With the ability to stimulate metabolism, drinking black coffee can help the body function more effectively and maintain a good state of health.

Reduce the risk of stroke

Black coffee contains many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help protect the body from the risk of stroke. In particular, it has the ability to improve blood flow by preventing clot blockage and improving blood circulation, helping to prevent atherosclerosis and stroke.


Notes when drinking black coffee


To optimize the benefits of black coffee, users should note a few things after use to avoid side effects.

– Do not drink coffee after 2 pm to ensure sleep quality

– Just add a little cinnamon to coffee to reduce the bitter taste. Avoid using too much sugar to limit the amount of calories and glucose the drinker absorbs.

– Choose reputable coffee brands to ensure quality

– Avoid overusing coffee

– Avoid adding artificial cream, you should use cow’s milk instead of artificial cream

– Do not drink in the morning on an empty stomach to protect your stomach

– Coffee should be brewed with a paper filter to help reduce the amount of cafestol

The News section has just sent readers the changes in the body when drinking black coffee for a week instead of milk coffee. Adding milk or sweeteners to coffee can make it more delicious and appealing. However, if you drink too often, it can affect your health because the sugar and calorie content in these substances is relatively high. Gradually reduce the amount of sweetness or drink black coffee to “take advantage” of all the benefits of coffee!

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