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African Coffee – The origin of specialty coffee

African coffee – has a variety of flavors and characteristics depending on the geographical and weather conditions of each region. Those who are connoisseurs of coffee cannot help but fall in love with this fragrant coffee that nature bestows.

Châu Phi được mệnh danh là cái nôi của cà phê thế giới 

Africa is known as the cradle of world coffee


Economic value of coffee beans


Today, coffee beans are utilized in many different processing fields. Especially the creativity when making coffee and served under a variety of drinks. Examples include cappuccino, mocha, frappe, Irish coffee, espresso and many more. That is why coffee beans are sold by a series of famous brands around the world.

Thanks to the ingenuity of the African people, Specialty coffee with high quality Arabica beans has been exported around the world. These brands are becoming the best sellers in the coffee market, thereby generating huge profits. Coffee in Africa almost always brings a bold, delicious flavor.

Triển vọng cho cây cà phê ở Châu Phi

Prospects for coffee crops in Africa


5 types of African coffee by growing region


Peaberry Coffee – Famous African coffee from Tanzania


Peaberry coffee (or Peaberries) is the most famous of the coffees from Tanzania. Actually this is not a separate coffee but the name of a natural mutation in the coffee bean. Most coffee berries contain two seeds. However, there is a percentage of about 5% of coffee berries that produce only one bean called a Peaberry.

Peaberry coffee from Tanzania is known as the “king without a throne” of the coffee world. This is not only the best coffee brand in Africa but also in the world. This incredibly rich coffee is grown in the mountains of Meru and Kilimanjaro. Coffee beans bring a sweet, round flavor to those who enjoy them.

Ngôi vương thuộc về cà phê hạt tròn của Tanzania

Peaberry of Tanzania


When roasting peaberry coffee beans, it will give off a unique aroma, unmatched in the world. The flavor of this coffee blends floral aromas with fresh, citrusy fruit flavors. The taste of this coffee convinces most coffee lovers.


Ethiopian Harrar Coffee – African coffee with diverse flavors


Harrar Ethiopian coffee impresses with its diverse and delicious flavors. This coffee is very strong, different and generous. It is the most popular coffee brand in Africa. It is also ranked 7th in the world.

This type of eggplant is mainly grown in the southern regions at an altitude of 1,920m above sea level. Coffee beans after being harvested will be processed dry. An interesting point of this coffee is its unique blend of fresh fruits.

Quá trình chế biến hạt cà phê Harrar Ethiopia

Harrar Ethiopia coffee


When tasting Ethiopian Harrar, you will feel the taste of fruit. At the same time, the coffee also has a slightly sour taste but is not too harsh. In it, there is also the taste of domestic flowers, even jasmine in harmony with the sour taste that makes a difference. Interspersed is a feeling of freshness like being immersed in the gardens of green Ethiopia.

Interspersed with acidity is a strong pungent flavor in Ethiopian coffee. This point makes a difference compared to other coffee brands in the world. This pungent flavor is balanced by a sweet aftertaste. Thus giving an absolute advantage to this type of coffee.


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee – The 8th best African coffee in the world


This coffee tree is grown at an altitude of 6,600m above sea level. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is considered one of the best coffees in Africa and ranks 8th in the world.

This coffee clearly reveals a mild sour taste with an aftertaste of roasted nuts and coconut. The nuances of this coffee are pleasant, soft in taste and easy to drink. Its appearance as a gentle alternative to the Specialty species from other regions.

Cà phê Yirgacheffe Ethiopia được coi là một trong những loại cà phê ngon nhất châu Phi

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee is considered one of the best coffees in Africa


AA Kenya Coffee – High quality African Coffee


Kenya is another heavyweight in the African specialty coffee industry. It is known for some of the highest quality coffee in the world. Kenyan coffee is often distinguished by its characteristic acidity. Accompanied by flavors involving black currants, berries, tropical fruits and citrus fruits (especially grapefruit).

Coffee brand AA Kenya is also in the top of the most famous coffee in Africa. This coffee is in the top 10 best coffee in the world. Renowned as a producer of high-quality coffee, Kenya has become the best land to grow coffee. The government is also very interested in coffee production. By offering higher prices for higher quality coffee. With favorable fertile soil, this is a great environment to produce excellent coffee beans.

Kenya là một cái tên nặng ký khác trong ngành cà phê đặc sản

Kenya is another heavyweight in the specialty coffee industry


These coffee trees are distributed at an altitude of 2,011m above sea level. Coffee produced in Kenya is famous for its complex of mild acidity, strong aromas and flavors. The main nuances of Kenyan coffee are floral. AA Kenya Coffee is among the top choices of coffee connoisseurs and export markets.


Burundi AA Kirimiro Coffee – African coffee with bold flavor


Along with tea, coffee is the main export agricultural product of Burundi. The export output of both accounts for nearly 90% of the country’s total foreign currency revenue. Which, coffee is the main contributor. So Burundian farmers are masters in the art of sustainable agriculture. Arabica and Robusta, which are two famous types of coffee in the world, are also grown in Burundi.

You will be impressed with Burundi AA Kirimiro coffee by its bold, deep flavor. It also blends floral notes of lemon and black tea. There is a hidden flavor of cloves somewhere, with a sweet aftertaste of nuts.

There are still a lot of other African coffees, such as Good African coffee, Madagascar Excellence Roasted. Sweet Gicherori, or bright Harfusa are both the stars of African coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.

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