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Is coffee sorting machine better than manual sorting?


After harvesting, coffee must be sorted to filter out coffee cherries with optimal ripeness, ensuring the highest quality finished product. Previously, this process involved meticulously selecting each fruit manually according to size and color. But nowadays, many manufacturers have applied some coffee sorting machines instead. So can machines achieve high and better accuracy than manual methods? Let’s find out with 43 Factory Coffee!


The advantages of coffee sorting machines compared to manual sorting


The most obvious benefit of coffee sorting machines compared to manual sorting is saving time and costs. The manual method requires a large amount of labor, time, and high concentration and meticulousness. In addition, with large-scale producers, the volume of coffee that needs to be processed is higher. Different types of coffee need to be classified at different stages of ripeness. If sorted manually, the final product will not be highly uniform. Meanwhile, with modern sorting machines, this step only requires a few workers in a short time and the capacity is many times larger. This also helps the farm coordinate personnel into other processes, optimize labor productivity, reduce production costs, and increase profits.

Máy phân loại cà phê có tốt hơn phân loại thủ công

For example, optical sorters can process between 6,000 and 10,000kg of coffee cherries per hour, significantly higher than the volume harvested by hand picking and sorting. Machines applying more advanced technology can effectively classify large volumes of coffee cherries with high accuracy and comprehensiveness in terms of color, density, and bean weight. Thanks to this, manufacturers can process ripe coffee cherries and thereby improve overall quality and add value to the farm’s products.

Máy phân loại cà phê có tốt hơn phân loại thủ công


Disadvantages of coffee sorting machines compared to manual sorting


Technological development makes the cost of coffee sorting machines increasingly cheaper. But for a small-scale farmer with only 1-2 hectares, its price compared to the number of available workers is still at a high level. At that time, the manual sorting method will be more economical than investing in new sorting machines. In addition, some farms are located on mountainous terrain with high altitudes and steep slopes, making it difficult to operate machinery.

Máy phân loại cà phê có tốt hơn phân loại thủ công


Coffee sorting machine or manual sorting?


For resource-constrained producers, they must weigh the pros and cons of manual and mechanical sorting solutions. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the model and production purpose, manufacturers can choose appropriate forms. However, we cannot deny the convenience and increasing perfection of coffee sorting machines. This allows defective coffee cherries to be removed quickly, improving quality easily and conveniently, which is beneficial to the development of the industry. In particular, with high-quality human resources increasingly scarce and recruitment and training costs expensive, coffee sorting machines can be a good alternative for manufacturers.

Máy phân loại cà phê có tốt hơn phân loại thủ công

People develop technology, technology supports and promotes the development of human life – economy. Using coffee sorting machines has obvious benefits compared to manual methods. However, not all farmers have enough resources to invest in them. The risks of insufficient output to cover costs make many small-scale farmers afraid to upgrade these modern machines. Therefore, supporting high quality coffee products is a good solution to ensure producers have a stable income and invest in improving quality. If you want to enjoy quality specialty coffee beans, visit XLIII Coffee – Enjoy the brand developed from the predecessor 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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