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The first 2023 World Coffee Conference and Exhibition was held in Asia


The 2023 World Coffee Conference and Exhibition offers an opportunity to connect, invest, find and promote sourcing for businesses, retailers, manufacturers and individuals in the coffee industry. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover the uniqueness of this event!


About the World Coffee Conference and Exhibition


Every four to five years, the International Coffee Organization holds a high-level World Coffee Conference to discuss topics important to the global coffee industry. The first four Conferences took place in the United Kingdom (2001), Brazil (2005), Guatemala (2010) and Ethiopia (2016). Thereby, the coffee community has experienced many discussions related to the conference’s topics such as Low Price Crisis (2001), New path for the coffee industry – issues from coffee policy in the economy. Market economy to how to develop a sustainable coffee economy (2005), Coffee for the future towards a sustainable coffee industry (2010), Nurturing coffee culture and diversity (2016). This 2023 WCC-integrated Global CEO and Leadership Forum will debate coffee market trends, technology and best practices for building a circular coffee economy, regenerative agriculture, sustainability through consumption and access to finance.

Hội nghị và triển lãm Cà phê thế giới 2023


The 2023 World Coffee Conference and Exhibition will take place in September 2023


According to the official announcement, the 2023 World Coffee Conference and Exhibition will open in the Indian city of Bengaluru, lasting four days from September 25 to 28, 2023. The schedule will include conferences and exhibitions. B2B, skills-building workshops, global CEO conferences and networking events. Keynote speakers and leaders will highlight best practices and technologies to promote regenerative agriculture and farmer well-being and prosperity while ensuring compliance with the changing regulatory framework and financial sustainability. This is the first time that a huge conference organized by WCC has appeared in India. Asia promises to be an ideal place for you to admire and taste unique specialty coffees around the world.

Hội nghị và triển lãm Cà phê thế giới 2023

The event attracts the q. Representatives, owners of startups, coffee roasters, specialty coffee producers and Small Farmers will showcase their most prominent products at the event. Besides, WCC 2023 also provides many necessary opportunities for Entrepreneurs, Retailers or Coffee Shop Owners who want to source high-quality coffee beans or Business Leaders who are looking for opportunities. invest. Workshops and exhibitions to enjoy coffee will also help each guest connect with experts, investors and people with the same passion for coffee.

Hội nghị và triển lãm Cà phê thế giới 2023

While waiting for the event to take place, you should visit XLIII Coffee – a brand developed from the forerunner 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to experience high-quality specialty coffee batches from sustainable growing regions around the world!

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