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The CAC Award honors individuals and organizations that contribute to the coffee industry for the first time


The Coffee Association of Canada has just launched a CAC Awards program that honors coffee professionals with lifetime achievements or volunteer efforts, businesses or organizations with impact and innovation. What’s so special about this award? Let’s explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Canadian Coffee Association for the common development of the coffee industry


The Coffee Association of Canada is a non-profit commercial organization dedicated to the growth and enjoyment of coffee in Canada. The association’s members include coffee roasters, importers, retailers, suppliers, other related associations and individuals with a passion for coffee.

With the motto of working to protect Canada’s coffee industry, members of the organization have connected, worked, and cooperated with all levels of government, and related industry associations for more than 20 years. via. In addition, they promote research and training to build a reliable source of knowledge, educate and engage members, consumers, government and the media about coffee news, health benefits and trends in the Canadian coffee industry and more.

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Information about the CAC award program


The CAC Awards Program is designed to honor the pioneers who have led the coffee industry in Canada, as well as individuals and organizations that have been, said President Robert Carter of the Canadian Coffee Association. excellent achievements in innovation and development of the coffee industry.

This year is the first year of the CAC awards program. According to the announcement of the organization, all members from roasting, trading and retail businesses or individuals can nominate themselves or other organizations and individuals suitable for the categories in the program. submit.

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Occurrence time


Nominations have just been opened with a deadline of October 9, 2023.

>>> You can nominate a person or company that you think represents excellence in the coffee community here

The winners will be announced and celebrated at CAC’s annual conference on, November 9, 2023 in Toronto.


Award categories


The CAC awards program includes four categories: Lifetime Achievement in the Coffee Industry; Creative Achievements; Small Chain – Big Impact, and Volunteer of the Year. The description and criteria for each award are as follows:

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Lifetime Achievement Award in the Coffee Industry


The Coffee Lifetime Achievement Award is CAC’s highest recognition for an individual whose extraordinary and groundbreaking contributions create positive change and have significant, profound and lasting impact. for the coffee community.

This award is awarded to individuals who meet the following criteria:

– Have made an outstanding and pioneering contribution to Canada’s coffee industry.

Have a positive, measurable and lasting impact on their community.

– Making the industry better by driving change in areas such as social responsibility, equity, diversity, inclusion and industry promotion.


Creative Achievement of the Year


Innovative Achievement of the Year is an award given to a company, product or service that the Canadian coffee industry considers a progressive achievement that positively benefits the future of the coffee industry. (e.g. philanthropic ingredients, environmental impact or sustainability).

This award is awarded to businesses that meet the following criteria:

– Create a Canadian game-changing product or service for the coffee industry.

– This innovation must have a significant positive impact on the coffee industry and add measurable value, such as reducing costs, enhancing customer experience, driving ethical change, etc. ethical or social, sustainability, etc.

This innovation is considered by many to be a progressive achievement.


Small Chain — High Impact Award


The award honors coffee businesses with a minimum of 3 and up to 40 locations in Canada that are creating buzz in the industry – from marketing, product innovation, diversity & inclusion, philanthropy or another perspective.

This award is awarded to businesses that meet the following criteria:

– Small and medium-sized restaurants/cafés (3-40 locations) are developing.

This chain is making an impact and creating the buzz that is being noticed by the industry – be it through products, services, innovation, sustainability, leadership, and more.


Volunteer of the year


The Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding volunteer whose leadership and overall contribution has stood out over the past year.

This award is awarded to individuals who meet the following criteria:

– Help improve CAC for all Members by sharing their time, expertise and talents.

– Volunteer on the CAC Committee or provide significant volunteer support in some other way.

– Go beyond attending regular Committee meetings.

The CAC awards program will be evaluated by an external committee to ensure objectivity and fairness for participants. If you have a candidate for excellence in the coffee community, please nominate them in this program!

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