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Coffee has long been a familiar topic for medical researchers. Because one of the “most commonly consumed drinks in the world” has no ordinary reputation. Therefore, the relationship between coffee and health makes those who have a passion for taste even more interested!


Many sources say that 2-4 cups of coffee a day is perfect for your health. According to common knowledge, coffee is richer in antioxidants than green tea and cocoa. Unprocessed coffee beans also contain about 1000 antioxidants. So just like the friendly advice, don’t overdo it. Coffee will always bring good results!

But, not every type of coffee can apply the above advice!

Civilization takes shape in every step we take to optimize our lives. So even for coffee, we also need to choose the best quality coffee beans. In technical language, it is Specialty coffee. They are made from Arabica beans that are rigorously selected according to international standards before being roasted and ground.

The special kernels, the healthier the cup of coffee you make. They are unique since they are nurtured by the respect of each person in the supply chain. Specialty Coffee is grown and processed to the strictest standards to preserve excellent quality. Therefore, they do not need to be roasted too thoroughly to hide defects like regular coffee.

Forget the notion that coffee must taste bitter! Specialty coffee does not have a bitter taste because the coffee beans come from the fruit, and we consider coffee as a fruit. It simply has the sweet and sour taste of berries. The original coffee was delicious enough from the core, without any interference to change the taste.

Did you already know? Our establishment does not welcome bitter captions. By it did grow up adrenaline in. A natural response is when the body feels threatened by poison. This is also the cause of alertness but comes with a feeling of nausea in the stomach, as many people say about the morning cup of coffee. It is a symptom of consuming low-quality coffee that has been roasted for too long or laced with too many harmful impurities and toxins.


In the 43 Factory Coffee Roaster’s standard rule, the healthiest cup of coffee isn’t the same for everyone.

We always keep in mind that 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is the bridge to help you access the standard quintessence of the wide coffee world. But to determine the healthiest cup of coffee, each person needs to hear his or her voice.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

What is your wish for health? If you want to lose weight, get rid of the habit of adding calories to foods. Sensitive to caffeine and often tired from lack of sleep? The elite stray named Decaf – Coffee without caffeine will be true love.

If you need an anti-inflammatory diet, let the baristas of the Workshop give you a warm cup of coffee with the scent of cinnamon. And fortunately, the Specialty beans have embraced the pristine sweetness, so we won’t need to add sugar or milk if we are in love with a sweet taste.

Nutritionist Vicki Shanta Rentelny says: “Individuals convert caffeine differently. The more you know about your body’s needs, the more likely you choose the coffee that works best for you. ”

The workshop does not promise to understand each person to the wall, we can only voluntarily bring you single spinning coffees. And Workshop understands coffee, you understand yourself, from which we create the basis of true harmony for coffee and health.

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