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Appreciate growing regions – Appreciate your self worth

Below is a customer’s mind sent to 43 Factory about the coffee growing regions.

We are co-existing in an era where the greater the sense of individuality, the greater the overall impact in society. Every choice seems to have significant consequences for the future, even a cup of coffee we drink every day.

Specialty Coffee brings health, knowledge and understanding of the original flavor of the growing regions



Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh, I consider coffee as a must-have in life. Coffee is present in every chat with friends, while studying or working

I don’t claim to be a coffee connoisseur. However, I have a special love for Specialty Coffee. I initially chose it because it had a luxurious vibe. I used to think that trendy people would drink such expensive and elaborate coffee.

The first time I realized I was wrong when experiencing Specialty coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster – The most expensive coffee shop in Saigon. Not only having a minimalist black and white space, 43 Factory also surprised me with its knowledge of original coffee.

The value of originality in taste, the value of money we spend, is not just a sip of coffee slipping down our throats, or check-in photos with millions of likes on Instagram. It is also the livelihood of a family, the future of children born in the growing area, the link that helps the operation of the supply chain to run smoothly, determining the future of the coffee industry.

We have all witnessed and suffered the effects of climate change on the coffee industry in particular, and on the planet in general. Everyone’s life is gradually changing and human consciousness with common interests becomes urgent. Specialty Coffee is not to bring us fashion, but a product that brings health, knowledge and understanding of the original taste of the growing region.


Coffee has had to go through a long journey to reach customers.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Each cup of coffee at 43 Factory I drink costs no less than one hundred thousand dong. Compared to the common ground of Vietnam, perhaps many people will feel funny because of that expensiveness. But that is before you realize the value of such a cup of coffee, where the price of the input product is public, the coffee comes with tags with transparent, easily-retrievable information.

I realize my definition is wrong, not trendy people will drink high quality Specialty coffee. It is the people who drink high-quality Specialty coffee who are fashionable. The fashion that I am talking about is civilization, the necessary consciousness for the times.

If you care about positive actions in the community, think about what we need to cherish and choose to change for worthy consumption like Specialty coffee. Appreciating each cup of Specialty coffee, respecting the growing regions, is also respecting your own value.

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