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Single stem system – An initiative to maximize the potential of coffee trees


The single stem system is one of the new innovations in the field of coffee production. After applying this cultivation method, the coffee trees become easy to care for, grow strongly and produce stout, sturdier finished products than clustered areas. So what is a single-body system? Discover with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


What is a single-body system?


The body system is as simple as the name suggests. It is a farming method in which farmers keep a certain distance for the coffee plants while ensuring they have only “one stem. Each coffee tree will be pruned with any new stems or small branches (also known as the “sucking” of the tree). This helps the plant concentrate nutrients in one place, not spreading out many branches thereby improving yield and quality.

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The single stem system helps the coffee plant to excel in all aspects


When there is only one main stem, all nutrients absorbed from the roots will be transferred faster and easier to grow coffee. The amount of minerals does not need to be divided through many branches, but concentrated through the main trunk, making the tree less competitive to have enough nutrients to be strong enough to increase resistance against high winds and heavy rain. Grown coffee roots also help increase production and keep more leaves and fruits without the need for a lot of fertilizers or growth stimulants. The large amount of leaves helps the metabolic process (respiration, photosynthesis) be conducted smoothly, the tree produces more fruit. The resulting fruit will only be concentrated around the main stem and primary branches (because there are no secondary branches) resulting in larger fruit, denser seed density than a strong skeleton. Moreover, the coffee cherries in the single system have the ability to stay on the plant longer, helping to complete the conversion of the compounds in it to create unique aromas.

In addition, pruning or expanding trees on a single-stem coffee farm is very easy. A well-ventilated planting area can minimize the growth of diseases. Pest control is also simpler when the canopies are far apart, making it easier to detect and limit the spread of pests, minimizing damage and saving pesticide costs.

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How to set up single body system?


There are different ways to set up a single tree system in coffee farms. The most direct way is to replant the entire farm with single varieties. But this is not a good option for many manufacturers. In addition to being extremely expensive, the opportunity cost is huge as coffee takes a minimum of two years to be harvested.

One of the popular methods used by many farmers is “Top – Working”. The method will gradually replace coffee trees on the farm but still ensure coffee output for farmers. As in the farms that grow traditional varieties such as SL28 and SL34 in Kenya, the coffee trees will be converted to modern varieties such as Batian and Ruiru without affecting the current crop. This means that farmers will take the root systems of existing older plants and graft it with the stems of new varieties that are more resistant to disease and more productive. For example, 6-month-old Ruiru or Batian cuttings are grafted onto healthy SL grafts. After the graft has healed and the trunk has hardened, it is allowed to grow to the desired height and then cap the top, leaving only the two main branches. After the first successful pruning and harvesting, the stem of the old SL coffee is pruned through a method known as root cutting. This leaves the new, single stem behind, ready for coffee production. Only after the next rainy season will new shoots (sucking) begin to grow at the base of the tree. In that section farmers only need to prune to allow only one main stem to continue to bear fruit. If the tree needs to be replaced, a new bud is trained and allowed to grow. This will create a brand new coffee farm full of modern, resilient and high-yielding crops that already have strong roots.

Hệ thống thân đơn

The single-fruit system is a great way for coffee plants to maximize their potential in terms of both yield and quality, creating unique, delicious coffees. If you want to experience the taste of high quality specialty coffee, visit XLIII Coffee – The precursor brand of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

Source: perfectdailygrind

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