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Pink Bourbon – New potential of the specialty coffee world


The Pink Bourbon variety is a new type of Arabica coffee that has recently gained prominence in the specialty coffee community. It appeared in the final round of the 2023 World Barista Championship, and contributed to Boram Um being crowned Barista champion this year. So what advantages or uniqueness does Pink Bourbon have in terms of origin and flavor characteristics? Explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


The true origin of the Pink Bourbon variety


According to specialized research reports, the exact origin of Pink Bourbon has not yet been determined. The Aromas del Sur team found Pink Bourbon in 2013, said Rodrigo, producer and owner of Aromas del Sur. After searching, they believe the variety first appeared in the San Adolfo area of Acevedo municipality in Huila in the 1980s and originates from southern Huila in Colombia. Many sources also say that Pink Bourbon is a natural hybrid of Red Bourbon and Yellow Bourbon.

However, in late September 2023, Café Imports published an article stating that after conducting genetic testing in collaboration with RD2 Vision, the Pink Bourbon likely came from an indigenous Ethiopian variety.

Pink Bourbon


The flavor advantage of the Pink Bourbon variety


Many manufacturers appreciate Pink Bourbon coffee for its rich flavor characteristics that are not inferior to premium coffee varieties. They all agree that coffee is highly acidic and diverse. Depending on the growing region, there may be sweet notes of tropical fruits (peach, papaya, melon) along with delicate floral notes (jasmine, rose and green tea). In addition, the coffee texture is very smooth. The balance is almost perfect in terms of richness and acidity, creating a pleasant feeling when enjoying.

Pink Bourbon


Unlock the potential of the Pink Bourbon variety using processing techniques


Pink Bourbon coffee beans contain higher amounts of sugar than other varieties. This makes them stand out when different processing methods are applied. Isaiah’s World Barista Championship performance used Pink Bourbon supplied by a producer (Lucy Galindez from Finca Bella Vista, Colombia). These beans are then processed by producer Diego Bermudez of Finca El Paraiso famous for his heat shock processing. Isaiah said that when he tasted Pink Bourbon coffee using Diego’s two-stage heat shock fermentation method, the coffee flavor was so enhanced that it surprised the taster.

Pink Bourbon

According to some producers, anaerobic fermentation treatments can bring out the best potential of Pink Bourbon’s flavor bases, the key factor being proper drying of the coffee cherries. Many reviews also believe that Pink Bourbon will have the same development potential as Gesha.

Pink Bourbon

Coffee is a vast world with countless new and wonderful things that people have not yet discovered. Pink Bourbon or any other coffee variety always carries with it different characteristics, markings and attractiveness. Each unknown is probably a unique and attractive potential worth exploring and understanding. Please follow 43 Factory Coffee Roaster’s news channel to update interesting new information.

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