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How can pour over coffee develop in the future?


Pour over coffee is one of the simplest manual brewing methods to get a delicious cup of coffee through just filters. With its convenience and exquisite taste, pour over is increasingly popular and popular globally. The market also began to appear new, convenient pour over kits and methods with increasingly better precision and control of extraction flow. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to explore the evolution of pour over coffee and see how far it can go in the future!


Pour over coffee has improvements in brewing equipment


From the 1900s to 2010, pour over coffee has been quite diverse with many different types of brewing equipment such as traditional wooden chorreadors, fabric filters (or bolsitas), Chemex or Hario V60. But over the past decade or so, the market has continued to develop in terms of pour over machine designs such as Origami, GINA, Graycano, Orea, etc. Mixing methods and flow control techniques are also increasingly Improved with better coffee extraction precision and results.

The development of science is what drives the increasingly diverse development of pour over coffee. Experimental studies can explain in detail the effects of factors on flavor during the preparation process. From there, manufacturers can understand, adjust and create new methods and equipment to produce increasingly perfect products in different ways.

V60 là thiết kế cho trải nghiệm cà phê Filter hoàn hảo


Pour over coffee changes the trend of using single origin coffee


In the early 2000s, specialty coffee developed a clear preference for single origin coffee. About six years ago, pour over focused on wet-processed and single-origin coffees. Because this method is the perfect way to best highlight the original characteristics of coffee beans. They can highlight the beauty, explore the potential of high-quality coffee and expose the flaws of poor quality coffee.

Kemgin 90+ with filter

Kemgin 90+ with filter

However, in recent years, the increasing popularity of experimental processing methods and consumers’ tendency to love new experiences have caused certain changes to pour over coffee. Roasters gradually use blended coffee, coffee through improved fermentation methods,… and adjust appropriate brewing methods to get as many flavors as possible. unique taste. According to Carlos Medina – World Brewers Cup 2023 Champion, heavily fermented coffee will be more sensitive. Therefore, the recipe must be adjusted to reduce or increase the richness of the flavor. This can be done in a variety of ways, from testing different brewers, grind sizes, water ratios, or pouring methods.

Pour-over được biến tấu thành Filter tại Xưởng, là một cách pha cà phê đơn thuần, không cầu kỳ mà vẫn giúp chiết xuất nên chất cà phê vừa đậm vị vừa tinh tế


The future development direction of pour over coffee


With the rapid pace of innovation in specialty coffee, pour over preparation may change in many ways in the near future. Experts clearly see the market trend of growing interest in pour over coffee. People are continuing to discover new ways to mix things, including ways to highlight different flavors. Many believe that as the industry’s knowledge of extraction continues to deepen, improved pour over methods and equipment will continue to develop. Erik Freudenberg – 2023 German Brewers Cup champion also said that in the future there will be more super-specialized tools, brewers and techniques.

Specialty Coffee in Vietnam

Menu of XLIII Coffee

With the speed of development and diversity of current brewing methods and equipment, in the future there will be many unique and new cups of coffee born. If you want to experience a cup of pour over from delicious specialty coffee beans, visit XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from the predecessor 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

Don’t forget to follow 43 Factory Coffee Roaster’s news channel to discover good news in the coffee industry!

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