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What do manufacturers need to do to make Gesha coffee lots special?


20 years after winning the 2004 Best of Panama championship, Gesha coffee lots continue to command attention. At any auction or competition, the name Gesha always attracts the attention of the community. With its specialness and uniqueness, this type of coffee has continuously received record bidding prices in large auctions such as in Panama, Ethiopia, Colombia,… It is also the name associated with beautiful words and names for classy, high-quality coffee. What makes them so special? Explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!


Factors that make Gesha coffee lots of special


In the coffee world, Gesha always impresses with its sky-high rating from the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and its expensive price. According to Adam Overton – general manager of Gesha Village farm, Ethiopia, what makes this reputation is the special characteristics of Gesha coffee. It is a rare breed with unique characteristics. Possessing unique flavor profiles unmatched by other coffee varieties. For example, the richness and flexibility of many flavors or the freshness of the scent layer combined with flowers, fruits, and berries.

In addition, the characteristics of a Gesha coffee cup is also influenced by factors such as region, climate, soil, and processing method. In each region, coffee beans will develop their flavor and taste in different ways. Like Gesha in Ethiopia, it will have strong flavors of berries and jasmine. As for Gesha Colombia tends to be sweet, crisp, and fresh with tropical fruits and white flowers. This allows Gesha coffee to create a colorful world, making the experience always want to be immersed.

Furthermore, Gesha’s enduring appeal is attributed to the precision and meticulousness of roasters and suppliers. Because of the quality and flavor of Gesha in each region, each production method can vary significantly. The demand for Gesha is not as much as regular coffee. So they always select high-quality Gesha batches with unique origins to increase competitiveness and market to consumers.

cà phê Gesha

Gesha coffee is a rare variety with unique characteristics


What is needed to create high-quality lots of Gesha coffee?


Most Gesha coffee products at stores have very high prices and scores are always from 88 points on SCA’s 100-point scale. However, if not properly cared for, it may not reach the expected high score and flavor. Like other rare coffee varietals, Gesha thrives in specific environments with optimal altitude, soil quality, microclimate, temperature, rainfall, and shade density. Therefore, producers always make every effort to select growing areas and establish ideal conditions to grow high-quality Gesha coffee lots. For example, the Café Granja La Esperanza team in Colombia had to build a specialized growing area at an altitude of 1,700 – 2,000 meters above sea level, with a humidity of 85-90% and a temperature of 15 – 21 degrees Celsius Gesha grows.

Many upstream producers also said that farms need a good foundation to produce well-configured Gesha. This includes access to finance, resources, and infrastructure. Because production costs, professional labor, and production consultants are costly. The growing area also needs to renovate and build an irrigation system, and separate processing, drying, packaging, and preservation facilities to ensure the best quality. In addition, if they want to diversify their offerings and add unique value to their products, manufacturers may have to invest more in research and testing different growing and processing methods.

cà phê Gesha

Most Geshas at stores have very high prices and scores are always 88SCA or higher

Creating delicious Gesha coffee batches that satisfy users has never been easy. It requires producers to invest both effort and resources. Therefore, high-quality Gesha products are always warmly sought after. Visit XLIII Coffee stores – The brand developed from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster today to experience the exquisite taste of Gesha coffee!

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