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How to store coffee properly?


How to store coffee properly? Coffee is a gift from nature to humans. However, if you do not know how to preserve, the delicate notes of this fruit will be changed, even damaged, and cannot be used. In this article, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster will give you simple solutions to store coffee.


How to store powdered coffee?


To keep the powdered coffee delicious, you need to note the following:

– Ground coffee should always be stored in a clean, opaque and airtight container. It will help coffee not be affected by air, light and smell into the environment.

– Do not leave the coffee box near places where the temperature is too hot, too cold, light, humid or smelly. Normal temperature (20-25 degrees Celsius) is ideal for storing coffee.

– Do not put coffee in the refrigerator. Many people believe that storing coffee at a low temperature will help it last longer. This method may be true for vegetables and tubers, but not for coffee because it has the ability to absorb odors very well. It will absorb the smell of other foods, leading to a loss of aroma and flavor characteristic of pure coffee. In addition, the low temperature in the refrigerator will cause condensation and affect the quality of coffee.

– Expiry date: Not more than 6 months. Once opened, use within 1-2 weeks.

Thế nào là bảo quản cà phê đúng cách


How to store coffee beans?


Compared with ground coffee, coffee beans are easier to store. In general, the way to store coffee beans will be similar to that of powdered coffee. You should not grind all at once, but only grind enough to use. The remaining seeds should be packed in small bags, vacuum sealed to avoid moldy phenomenon.


Principles of coffee preservation


The preservation of coffee should adhere to the following principles:

– Air restriction

– Stay away from wet places

– Cool room temperature, not too hot or too cold, usually 20-25 degrees Celsius

– Limit exposure to light

– Do not share coffee with other smelling foods

Coffee has the ability to absorb scent very well. If you put them near other smelling foods, the coffee will absorb these odors causing a change in the aroma. Therefore, if possible, store them in a separate corner.

In addition, if you buy coffee beans in bulk, you can store them in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

How to store coffee properly


Some tips to store good coffee


When buying coffee, please note the following things so that the coffee always retains its standard flavor.

Don’t buy too much

You should only buy enough to use, should not buy too much at once, but only buy as needed. Use up and buy again. Because coffee production facilities always have professional preservation methods (vacuum, nitrogen preservation, …), consumers often do not have these standard conditions to keep the flavor of coffee.

Should buy coffee with clear origin

You should buy coffee with clear origin and harvest time. The closer the harvest time, the higher the degree of fragrance retention. However, not all coffee production and trading establishments will provide transparent information to consumers.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster is proud to be one of the establishments that always ensure the criteria of publicity and clarity of information to each farmer. Consumers can know the batch number and date of coffee harvest for peace of mind.

The coffee boxes are carefully packed, preserved with nitrogen gas so that the coffee does not get moldy and avoids being affected by the surrounding environment. A box has from 150gram – 250gram, a moderate quantity for one purchase.

How to store coffee properly

Above, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster has provided readers with some information on how to preserve coffee. Follow us for the more useful information!

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