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Is ICO’s income benchmarking study for coffee farmers really useful?


The sustainable livelihoods of farmers have always been one of the top concerns in the global coffee industry. Scientists believe that, in order to thoroughly solve this problem, non-profit organizations and stakeholders need to determine the level of living income for them. Therefore, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) has conducted research to benchmark the living income for coffee farmers in countries with a large role in the world market such as Vietnam, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Vietnam. Mexico. Let’s explore this research with 43 Factory Coffee!


ICO conducts income benchmarking study for small-scale farmers


Recently, International Coffee ICO decided to conduct a series of livelihood benchmarking studies focusing on small-scale farmers in the main coffee-growing countries of Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico and Vietnam.

These studies are being carried out by a leading team of experts at the Anker Research Institute of the Global Living Wage Coalition. They applied the Anker method to compare living income (for farmers) or living wages (for farm workers) in a variety of low- and middle-income countries. The ICO also said that, after standardizing the research stages based on Anker, the standard studies of living income will be delegated to the national government members of each region for close monitoring. and have the most objective information.

Nghiên cứu định chuẩn thu nhập cho nông dân trồng cà phê


ICO benchmark study – a measure of ensuring sustainable livelihoods


In recent times, the Anker method benchmarks have been applied to the Progressive Sustainable Coffee Buyer’s Guide in Colombia and Mexico, as well as in the Verité report on rural coffee farming. in Colombia. In it, Anker’s living income standards are used to assess the real income of smallholder farmers in different countries. These indicators will refer as “distance” to a large number of farmers and workers at the local, regional and national levels. Thanks to the collected data, experts can estimate a reasonable cost of living for a farmer household, thereby providing the right and reasonable policies and support to the farmer households.

Nghiên cứu định chuẩn thu nhập cho nông dân trồng cà phê

However, according to the CEO of ICO – Vanusia Nogueira, only guaranteeing a minimum income for life is not enough, coffee farmers need to have a well-off, rich standard of living to ensure resources. necessary for sustainable coffee production. Therefore, the ICO will have a shared responsibility throughout the entire coffee supply chain to achieve a prosperous life and sustainable income for small-scale coffee farmers.

Nghiên cứu định chuẩn thu nhập cho nông dân trồng cà phê

A living income and a living wage are important indicators for assessing the status of millions of small-scale coffee farmers and a yardstick for assessing the sustainability of the coffee industry. Improving the quality of life of farmers is an urgent task to maintain and lead to the long-term prosperity of the whole chain. Let’s support sustainable coffee products like XLIII Coffee – A brand developed from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to contribute to ensuring a stable and long-term livelihood for coffee farmers!

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