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Coffee price today, daily coffee price


What is the coffee price today? Coffee is a volatile market, daily monitoring of coffee prices will help farmers and suppliers know the changes so that they can have timely solutions. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster provides you with today’s coffee price. This price will be updated daily, stay tuned!


Coffee price today


Let’s see how the coffee market changes today compared to yesterday.


Price of domestic coffee today


– FOB (HCM) 1,907

– Coffee price in Dak Lak 40,900 VND

– Lam Dong 40,300

– Gia Lai 41,000 VND

– Dak Nong 41,000 VND

– Pepper 58,600

– USD/VND exchange rate 23,340

– Unit: VND/kg, FOB: USD($)/ton

FOB is an abbreviated term in English for the phrase Free On Board, which means Disclaimer On the Deck, also known as “Delivered on board”.

In the FOB transaction, the seller needs to pay the freight for loading the goods on board. The transfer of risks takes place when the goods pass the ship’s rail at the port of loading. Internationally, this term indicates the port of loading, for example “FOB New York” or “FOB Hai Phong”. Other costs such as freight and insurance are the responsibility of the buyer.

Coffee price today


Coffee prices today in localities


– Coffee price today in Bao Loc: In Di Linh district, Lam Ha, Bao Loc (Lam Dong) coffee price today is purchased at 40,300 VND/kg.

– Coffee price today in the Central Highlands: In the provinces of the Central Highlands, the price of coffee today is 40,200 – 41,000 VND/kg

– Coffee price today in Dak Lak: The price of coffee today in the districts of Dak Lak province is priced at 40,600 – 41,000 VND/kg.

– In Dak Nong province, the price of coffee purchased today is 41,000 VND/kg in Gia Nghia and 40,900 VND/kg in Dak R’lap.

– Coffee price today Gia Lai coffee price today purchased at 41,000 (Chu Prong), in Pleiku and La Grai the same price 40,800 VND/kg.

– In Kon Tum province, the price of coffee today is 41,000 VND/kg.

=> The domestic coffee market has grown steadily, currently fluctuating at 40,400 – 41,200 VND/kg.


Coffee price market today: Coffee prices fell slightly in the domestic market


Despite concerns about coffee output and quality in Vietnam, which has not yet subsided due to the rains at the main harvest time, as well as the low USD/VND exchange rate, which will limit the supply. In the farmer’s market, Robusta’s price still increased slightly by 0.58%, in contrast to the products in the group of industrial raw materials.

In the world, the price of coffee on 02 exchanges fluctuated in opposite directions. At the end of the session, the price of Robusta coffee on the London floor reversed to decrease. Futures for delivery in January decreased by 11 USD to 1,892 USD/ton and term for delivery in March decreased by 12 USD to 1,872 USD/ton, significant reductions. Trading volume is quite above average.

In contrast, the price of Arabica coffee on the New York Stock Exchange continued the uptrend. March spot futures added 0.85 cents to 167.90 cents/lb and May futures added 0.75 cents to 168.15 cents/lb, slight gains. Trading volume is quite above average.


Expert opinion on coffee prices today


Rumor has it that the Agricultural Forecasting and Supply Agency (Conab) under the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture will cut its estimate of this country’s coffee production in the first crop survey report to be released in the coming days. However, funds and speculators are also wary of this rumor. However, the above information also helped Arabica maintain its upward momentum for 3 consecutive sessions from the beginning of the week.

In addition, the momentum also comes from the information that the Chinese market reopens, which can support purchasing power, and emerging currencies regain their value. The two derivative coffee exchanges also increased due to the expiration of December futures options this week.

According to the General Department of Customs, by the end of November 2022, Vietnam’s coffee exports have brought in more than 3.63 billion USD, far exceeding the figure of 3.07 billion USD in 2021 and approaching the record of 4 billion USD. The coffee industry is looking forward to this year. Positive data shows that Vietnam’s coffee exports still maintain high growth, despite the less optimistic outlook of the global economy.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster has just sent to readers today’s coffee price.

Follow us to update the latest coffee information!

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