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Choosing the perfect roast: optimizing coffee extraction for different brewing methods


Each coffee roasting level from light to dark will create different changes in the properties and structure of coffee beans. This significantly impacts the extraction process in different coffee brews. Therefore, choosing the appropriate roast level for each brewing method plays an important role in creating the final products according to the barista’s wishes. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to see the ideal roast level for popular coffee brewing methods from espresso, french press, and cold brew to pour over!


Understand coffee roasting levels


Before delving into choosing the roast level for each brewing method, we need to clearly understand the process and characteristics of each roast level. During the roasting process, green coffee beans will have physical changes chemical and physical through adjusting variables of temperature, time, pressure, etc. Depending on the changes in variables and the final product, the batch of coffee will be graded with different roasts.

There are three main types of coffee roasting levels: light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. Among them:

– Light-roasted coffee is roasted to a light degree (about 180 degrees Celsius) than other types of roasting. Typically, light roasted coffee beans will have a light brown color, a mild taste, higher acidity, and pronounced fruity, citrus, and floral flavors.

– Medium-roasted coffee will take longer to roast than light-roasted coffee. The temperature inside the roaster typically reaches approximately 210 degrees Celsius Medium roast coffee beans will have a moderate brown color, medium acidity, and a balanced flavor with sensory descriptions of chestnut and chocolate. or caramel.

– Dark-roasted coffee is roasted for a longer time than medium at a temperature of about 240 degrees Celsius. Coffee beans at this roast level will stand out by their dark brown color, low acidity, and richer flavor than coffee. medium roast. It is often described as having a smoky, chocolate, or burnt flavor.

mức rang cà phê

Green coffee beans will undergo chemical and physical changes during the roasting process


How to choose coffee roast level when brewing


Popular brewing methods such as espresso, French press, cold brew, and pour-over use different brewing tools and methods. Coffee through each method is also extracted and emphasizes unique flavor notes. Therefore, you can rely on some of the information below to choose roast levels for each brewing method.




Espresso is a brewing method that uses finely ground coffee and high water pressure to extract a layer of concentrated, flavorful coffee. So when you want a strong, concentrated cup of espresso, you can choose a dark roast level for this method. Dark-roasted coffee beans allow the press to maximize the flavor and richness of the delicious cup of coffee. However, medium roast and light roast are also a great choice for this method. With a lighter roast, the espresso will bring out richer, more unique flavors.


French press


French press is a French brewing method capable of extracting many flavors and essential oils from the beans. So, if you want a balanced and bright cup of French press, choose coffee beans with a medium or light roast. If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee that is rich and full, you can choose a dark roast level. However, be careful as a roast that is too dark can over-extract the French press and cause a bitter taste.

mức rang cà phê

When brewing, dark roasted coffee will have a rich, full consistency, while light roasted coffee will be lighter


Cold brew


Cold brew is a method of brewing at cold or room temperature for a long time. Due to the long incubation time, the flavors in the seeds will be more dissolved in water but the extract will still be smooth and refreshing. Using light-roasted coffees for cold brew can create a clean cup of coffee that contains many unique flavors. In addition, dark-roasted coffees are also very suitable for this method. Cold brew can reduce bitterness while highlighting the natural sweetness in the beans.




Pour-over is a method capable of retaining many flavors, including bitterness. Therefore, choosing light or medium roast coffee will produce a smooth cup of coffee with many fruity notes and floral aromas. Dark roasted coffees when poured over can have high sweetness, a strong flavor with a little characteristic bitterness.

mức rang cà phê

When brewed manually, light or medium roast coffee will have a rich flavor, dark roast coffee may have a high sweetness, with some characteristic bitterness

Each roast level has its own unique flavor, aroma, and acidity profile suitable for each type of preparation. You can consider the characteristics of each roast level, personal preferences, and many other factors during the brewing process to make an informed decision. On the other hand, no matter the roasting level, the most important thing to consider is the quality of the coffee beans. High-quality coffee beans are the prerequisite to creating a delicious cup of coffee while ensuring health and safety. Visit XLIII Coffee stores – The brand developed from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to experience high-quality specialty coffee beans.

Source: methodical coffee

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