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Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348 Coffee – A taste of Cajamarca’s vitality


Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348 coffee is one of the pride of Finca La Palestina farm. The plant originates from the Yellow Caturra variety, which stands out with its rare soft, sweet scent. Through efforts to nurture and cultivate the essence in the reformed hills of Cajamaca, Peru, coffee beans hide fresh, round, fragrant berries like the typical fruit in the place of growth. Join 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to discover the unique features of the growing area, preparation, and flavor of this batch of coffee!


Unique coffee growing area Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348


Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348 is cultivated on a 3-hectare plot of land in San Jose de Alto of Cajamarca, Peru. This place is located in the area with the most special ecosystem of Peru with about 90% of the area being hills and forests with many types of shade-providing trees. Previously, the Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348 coffee growing area was a grassland area. After that, with efforts to improve, this land became optimal growing conditions with a diverse coverage of native plants, insects, and animals.

Thanks to geographical characteristics, Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348 is raised in an area with an altitude of 1,700 – 1,900 meters above sea level, which is favorable for plant growth. Almost constant rainfall and optimal humidity allow coffee to develop its genetic potential. Temperature ranges from 18°C – 24°C. The unique climatic conditions created by the Tabaconas and Cochalán river basins create an environment for coffee to gather and create special aromas.

Cà phê Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348

Yellow Caturra La Palestine #4348 grows on the Finca La Palestine farm in San Jose de Alto of Cajamarca, Peru


Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348 coffee retains its essence with washed processing


The time to receive enough nutrients from the growing area is also the time when Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348 transforms into bright yellow, round, and succulent coffee beans. To get the perfect sweetener, Finca La Palestina farmers must always monitor the changes in the beans throughout the harvest season. The fruit is only picked when it reaches peak ripeness, is round enough, and shows no signs of damage.

After being picked, the coffee cherries are taken to a floating soak tank to remove all unqualified cherries. Next, they will be processed using a completely washed processing process to maximize the original sugar content and acidity. The process is done with a grinder and extremely strong water force to separate the bean shell and surrounding mucous membrane. In particular, coffee beans only come into contact with water under the effect of friction to ensure maximum cleanliness. The amount of water used is optimized and reused for other processes to protect the environment. Finally, when coffee beans are obtained, farmers will take them to a specialized drying area to naturally condense and optimize the moisture and flavor of the kernels.

Hạt cà sơ chế ướt

Yellow Caturra La Palestine #4348 is processed by wet processing method


The flavor of Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348 is fresh, round, and delicate


Capturing the essence of its origin into the beans, the flavor of Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348 has the fresh sweetness of the Cajamaca land. The bean scored 88 according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) rating scale. The flavor profile is smooth body, making the experience light and pleasant throughout the enjoyment period. The flavor spectrum is soft but extremely complete with the rich acidity of berries. Taste and slowly enjoy, you will be surprised by the very reminiscent of of just ripe mulberries and cherries. Interspersed in it is the bright, delicate taste of malic acid, evoking the crisp, cool feeling of a red apple. The moment the layer of coffee passes through the throat, the aftertaste seems to linger on a smooth, clear feeling, raising the feeling of relaxation and comfort to the maximum level.

Cà phê Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348

Yellow Caturra La Palestine Coffee #4348 scored 88 according to the SCA rating scale

With meticulous production processes, Yellow Caturra La Palestina #4348 coffee reaches the level of excellence in specialty coffee. The flavor profile conveys the wonderful emotions of Cajamaca’s youthful vitality. Visit XLIII Coffee stores – Brand from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to experience.

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