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Coffee camping – Outdoor coffee

Coffee is the prelude to passionate camping. Coffee camping – an indispensable drink in picnics. The sublimation when immersing in nature will make people remember forever.

Mang nét tinh túy của hạt cà thơm cho chuyến cắm trại gắn kết những thăng hoa

Coffee camping


Coffee camping is becoming more and more popular


To provide a more comfortable space to chat, Specialty cafes around the world started to create the trend open space design.

In Japan and Thailand, many independent stores take advantage of the existing courtyards to design outdoor lounging seating. Some are even more fussy, setting up reading areas and stairs above the green boughs.

In China and Korea, stores tend to simulate an outdoor space inside concrete architecture. For example, the rock gardens inside the store, or the lush tree arches reaching all over the ceiling.


Không gian cà phê được bố trí lều trại của hình thức coffee camping

Coffee camping in a tent


Coffee camping is gradually spreading to every corner, some shop owners even set up tents in their gardens. Along the cobbled path, camping lights, deck chairs, wooden guitars or items decorated with fabric, and more. All for visitors to experience the feeling of nature without going too far.


Coffee glamping – A kind of coffee camping


What is Glamping? It is a compound word between “Glamour” and “Camping”. Glamping is a combination of nature and modernity. It’s a completely different kind of experience.

Coming to Glamping model, you will have cozy tents with comfortable beds, new linens, towels and different decoration styles.

Originating in Europe and America, coffee glamping finds its footing and grows in Asia with its high-quality coffee and portable camping equipment. Those factors bring coffee camping to a new level. In addition to looking for camping tips, many people are now interested in choosing the optimal equipment for the trip.


Coffee glamping tạo ra một trải nghiệm cà phê nhất quán và chỉn chu hơn ngay cả khi bạn muốn tìm một chút khoan khoái từ thiên nhiên


Coffee glamping can be said to be the artificial form of the original coffee camping. They are built and decorated more carefully by human hands, thereby providing the smoothest and most poetic experiences.

Coffee glamping models can also offer practical benefits. For example, bringing income from employment to local people, creating a accommodation space, organizing events, healing active in accordance with the spirit of the place. In addition, it is also a warm, peaceful and quiet place for coffee-loving souls to connect naturally and deeply.


Một góc dự án Coffee Awakening, được phát triển bởi

Coffee glamping

When you are too tired with the same things every day, coffee camping will be a good choice for you to refresh your soul.

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