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We love Specialty coffee, but sometimes we get overwhelmed when we have to find the right flavor and aroma to match our taste. So, let the Workshop tell you how to discover the taste of specialty coffee with the Shot/Espresso method! Let’s open a door full of emotions


If the Filter method evokes calm and pure emotions, then Shot is likened to a whirlwind of overwhelming feelings.

At the Workshop, a standard shot/espresso Specialty appears and disappears instantly but always leaves a strong impression thanks to its strong flavor.

The espresso itself is characterized as a strong coffee. Specialty coffee is made by forcing very hot water at high pressure through finely ground Arabica beans. Additionally, espresso is often served in a small one or two-ounce glass because each ounce will have more caffeine than an ounce of regular coffee.

Although a shot of espresso is small, it requires a lot of skill to perfect the flavor. Not only that, but it also has to be mixed with really methodical tools. Which can meet both the strict brewing requirements and the high-pressure coffee extraction process.

Perhaps that’s why every Shot is exactly what it sounds like – a loud, violent shot that attacks the taste buds. It strongly pulls engrossed souls back to reality in an overwhelmingly decisive way.

Shot Specialty Coffee – a choice that can immerse your tongue in the sparkling sourness of crisp green apples or the ecstatic sweetness of red cherries.

The pride of premium Specialty coffee is the pure acidity in the tender flesh of tropical fruit. And there’s nothing more ideal than a cup of concentrated espresso, precisely balanced between sweet and sour. Thereby enhancing the complex and deep taste of the original coffee – coffee is fruit.


As a Specialty coffee shop, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster prides itself on high-quality coffee and authentic flavors that baristas can extract. The shot brewing process is manual, so the results and the factors that determine the taste of the cup require a great deal of concentration to achieve consistency. Or it can be said shot/espresso is a smooth combination of humidity, temperature, pressure, and the skill of the barista.

At the Workshop, a strong shot with a thick body is always loved by business guests with steady and determined energy.

If you are visiting the Workshop for the first time, Specialty Coffee makes a shot as a direct statement of high-quality coffee. An arrow goes straight to the heart of the taste buds. It opens within you to a burst of fresh, explosive flavor experiences.

It is the opposite of each quiet staggered note of the filter for people full of confidence. Shot quickly took over the mind of the rewarder, strengthening his resolve and constancy in thought. The richness of a cup of Shot/Espresso is surrounded by deep content. He is bringing a sense of experience and maturity in life experience. Espresso – or express itself – represents self-discovery.

Exploring the taste of coffee with the Shot/Espresso method, we face a whirlwind sweeping through the peaceful plains. There, we let the taste sweep us away, pushing the emotions in the middle to become a visible passion.


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