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What is caffeine? The role of caffeine in daily life

Caffeine has created an irresistible attraction that makes the whole world shake by its unique and interesting properties. What is caffeine? Do you know the role of caffeine in daily life?

Caffeine thực chất đã quá đỗi quen thuộc trong nền văn minh nhân loại và hạt cà phê chính là hệ thống phân phối phổ biến nhất của nó. 

Caffeine is familiar in daily life

What is caffeine?


Caffeine is an addictive stimulant easily found in coffee, tea, guarana, kola nuts, and to a small extent in cocoa beans.

In 1819, caffeine was successfully isolated from coffee by the great German chemist – Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge. When under room conditions, caffeine is essentially a white, odorless crystalline powder with a characteristic bitter taste. Under the microscope, the caffeine crystals resemble pure white snowflakes. It can be said that caffeine is a very stable molecule in coffee as it does not have any reaction or interaction with other molecules.

When caffeine is heated to high temperatures, instead of going from a solid to a liquid and then to a gas, it usually goes directly from a solid to a gas without liquefying the middle stage. This process is scientifically known as sublimation. Caffeine will sublimate when the temperature reaches 178 degrees Celsius, so this is the most stable substance to heat and is least lost during the roasting process of coffee beans.


Origin of caffeine


Caffeine is present almost everywhere in this wide world.

Since ancient times, Sudanese in Africa have exploited the benefits of caffeine from Kola nut extract. Also, in South Africa tribes discovered a shrub called cyclopia and used it as a tea. In India, the Amazon region, people have obtained an alternative source of caffeine called Guarana by simply roasting Paullinia cupana. Elsewhere, Brazilians and Paraguayans have long used caffeine from Holly leaves.

Từ xa xưa, caffeine đã chôn vùi lẩn trốn ở rất nhiều môi trường khác ngoài cà phê

Holly leaves

Even without the intervention of advanced science, people can still find caffeine on their own. Although this is a colorless odorless substance and never exists in the free state. Moreover, caffeine was widely recognized and accepted in society at that time.


The role of caffeine in daily life


For the coffee tree


Caffeine is commonly found in the leaves and fruits of more than 60 coffee varieties cultivated worldwide as a natural insect repellent. In Arabica coffee, caffeine accounts for an average of 1.2% while Robusta is higher, at about 2.2%. This is one of the factors that help Robusta coffee trees grow strongly in harsh environmental conditions and are extremely resistant to pests and diseases.


For coffee drinkers


Build physical energy to make the body healthier

The chemicals in both tea and coffee, especially caffeine, have the potential to exert a tremendous influence on stimulating the human brain and central nervous system. It allows the muscles to contract harder, especially without the tension afterward. So, all the muscle work is done when using a larger amount of caffeine than the default state that we are normally able to do.

Stimulates nervous system to function efficiently

Caffeine not only has an effect on joints or the heart, but also has a great impact on the complex nervous system of humans. Coffee is an abundant source of energy for the brain as well as muscles. During the study, the scientists discovered that the process of acquiring knowledge is boosted by drinking coffee. Moreover, the formation of learned knowledge bases is equally stimulated.

Caffeine also works to keep fatigue compounds out of our brains. Simultaneously stimulates beneficial transmitters for the nervous system such as Dopamine, Glutamate, Serotonin and most intensely Adrenaline.

Awakening world civilization

People have known the existence of caffeine in teas and its beneficial properties in China thousands of years ago. But it wasn’t until coffee was discovered that caffeine exploded into a global phenomenon, the most commonly used stimulant in the world.

The discovery of coffee has great significance like the invention of the telephone, the microscope,… For coffee, it has made a huge breakthrough when it has the ability to enhance and transform the working capacity of the human brain. For decades, until the discovery of coffee, work would be delayed every time the body showed signs of fatigue. Before the existence of coffee, it was impossible to do jobs that required absolute precision for a long time without feeling sleepy or tired. But miracles have happened, since the arrival of coffee has turned everything around. It stimulates the brain, acts directly on the central nervous system, makes us alert, increases the ability to concentrate to a high level, the quality and productivity of work have thus been improved.

Every day, we all ingest a certain amount of caffeine into the body through transmission mediums such as tea, coffee or other foods and drinks. There’s really no denying the amazing benefits that caffeine brings, but as with any drug, taking excessive doses can have adverse effects on health as well as mental health. Therefore, if we know how to use it properly, we will promote all the great strengths and uses that caffeine brings.

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