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Can kidney disease drink coffee?


Can kidney disease drink coffee? People with kidney disease must abstain a lot in the matter of eating. Foods with no relative sugar content, such as rice or sweet fruits, must be limited. So can these people drink coffee?


Can kidney disease drink coffee?


According to Presenius Kidney Care, a German center for kidney disease, people with kidney disease can drink coffee.

Bị bệnh thận có được uống cà phê


Is coffee bad for the kidneys?


The main ingredient of coffee is caffeine.

Caffeine is not harmful to the kidneys if consumed in small doses. But it is a stimulant. Although not harmful to the kidneys, it can affect blood pressure in some people. People with kidney disease often have high blood pressure. It is recommended that subjects with high blood pressure should not drink more than 2 cups of coffee/per day.

Can kidney disease drink coffee


Notes when drinking coffee of people with kidney disease


Coffee does not cause negative consequences for people with kidney disease, but its companions can. Most people like to drink coffee with milk, cream,… These substances are harmful to the kidneys. Therefore, when drinking coffee, people with kidney disease must limit the amount of added sugar, milk, and cream. It is best to drink black coffee without sugar.

Thus, people with kidney disease can still drink coffee but do not drink too much (more than 2 cups/day), and it is best to drink coffee without sugar.

Bị bệnh thận có được uống cà phê


People who shouldn’t drink coffee


The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant, so it may not be suitable for many people. Don’t underestimate a small glass of water. It can make your underlying disease stronger.

Especially those who are sensitive or allergic to caffeine. In addition to these two subjects, people experiencing specific health problems should also not use this nut.

Let’s find out who should not drink coffee in the article: People who should not drink coffee. Who should not drink coffee?

Above, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster helped readers answer the question, “Can you drink coffee with kidney disease?”. Coffee brings many health benefits, but it also brings risks for some subjects. Consumers should learn carefully before deciding to drink to ensure their health.

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