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Should gout patients drink coffee??


Should gout patients drink coffee? People with underlying diseases often have to focus on their daily nutrition. Food provides not only daily energy but also provides essential and deficient body substances, making people healthier.


Should gout patients drink coffee??


Does coffee cause uric acid accumulation – the cause of gout? According to BS. Kieu Thuy Ngan (Department of Internal Medicine – Saint Paul Hospital), gout is a form of arthritis characterized by sudden and severe pain in the joints. It is caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the body. Uric acid is a waste product produced when the body breaks down purines. Purines are found in many foods, including red meat, seafood, and beer.

According to a study in the US, men over the age of 40 who drink at least 4 cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of gout by 40%. According to a Harvard University study, women who drink 1-3 cups of coffee daily reduce their risk of disease by 22%. These studies also show that regular coffee consumption’s benefits are more pronounced. And decaffeinated coffee has less of an effect than regular coffee.

Although studies on whether coffee helps lower uric acid levels have not shown consistent results, it does not increase and may even reduce the risk of developing gout. So people with gout who love this drink do not need to limit it. But people need to be aware of things that come with coffee, such as sugar and milk because fructose is a risk factor for gout.

=> People with gout can drink coffee but should not drink it with sweeteners (sugar or milk); instead, they should drink pure coffee.

Người bị bệnh gout có nên uống cà phê


What should people with gout pay attention to when drinking coffee?


Eating and drinking can limit the accumulation of uric acid if done scientifically. Coffee does not increase uric acid levels, but that’s not why people are subjective and drink it freely.

Here are some things to pay attention to with gout patients when drinking coffee:

Caffeine content: The daily caffeine level for the average person should only be from 200-300mg. However, this amount of caffeine depends on the type of coffee and how it is prepared. Start with a small amount and increase it gradually if desired.

If during use, the symptoms of the disease recur or become severe, stop taking and notify the doctor.

Limit the addition of sweetened beverages to coffee: Sugar is a risk factor that can aggravate gout. If you can’t drink pure coffee, you can use skim milk.

Not in the audience should not drink coffee:

Some people need to be especially careful when using coffee because it can bring about adverse effects. Those are people who have a hypersensitivity reaction to caffeine, people with high blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, chronic insomnia. People who are taking drugs that can interact with caffeine, such as asthma drugs, antidepressants, anticoagulants, quinolone antibiotics, etc.

>>> People who should not drink coffee. Who should not drink coffee?

To be really safe, consult your doctor before deciding whether to use coffee as a regular daily beverage.

In fact, there are many drinks that are said to be good for gout sufferers. Therefore, instead of wondering because of this drink, use healthy drinks such as alkaline mineral water, citrus fruit juice, cherry juice, carrot … Besides, it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet. care, living and practicing science. Maintain a healthy weight.

Should gout patients drink coffee

Above, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster helped readers answer the question “Should people with gout drink coffee?”. In general, coffee does not increase uric acid in the body, thereby not aggravating gout but even tends to reduce the risk of disease. Coffee itself does not affect the condition, but accompanying drinks can (milk, sugar, sweets, …).

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