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How should elderly people drink coffee to avoid affecting the liver?


Drinking coffee in moderation is good for health, but excessive consumption can put pressure on certain organs, including the liver, especially for the elderly. Let’s explore the answer to the question “How should elderly people drink coffee to avoid affecting the liver?” with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster in the following article!


How does coffee consumption affect the elderly?


Coffee has been proven to have many benefits for the elderly. Drinking coffee can extend lifespan due to its excellent health benefits. This beverage is rich in antioxidants such as Mg, Ca, K, and high levels of polyphenols compounds that help neutralize free radicals to prevent cell and DNA damage in various heart diseases, cancer, and aging processes.

How should elderly people drink coffee to avoid affecting the liver?

In addition, coffee has many other benefits such as being good for heart health, reducing the risk of diabetes, etc. To learn more about these impacts, please refer to the article: “How does coffee affect the elderly?


How should the elderly drink coffee to avoid putting pressure on the liver?

To ensure that drinking coffee does not have any adverse effects on the liver, here are some tips for the elderly:

Limit the amount of sugar in coffee

The main component of coffee is caffeine – which can protect the liver but that doesn’t mean everyone can be complacent. Controlling the amount of sugar in coffee is crucial. As people age, the liver’s function is certainly not as good as when they were young. At the same time, the ability to metabolize sugar naturally will also decrease if too much sugar is added, leading to liver impairment.

Avoid drinking coffee when feeling anxious

Caffeine in coffee works by replacing the depressive factor and interacts with the brain’s nervous system, allowing us to delay sleepiness and feel refreshed mentally.

How should elderly people drink coffee to avoid affecting the liver?

If we drink coffee while feeling stressed, it will not relax our already stressed minds but rather exacerbate the stress and anxiety. If middle-aged and elderly people have weak heart function, they may experience symptoms such as sweaty palms, chest tightness, and ringing in the ears, so be cautious.

Control the timing of coffee consumption

The best time to drink coffee is in the morning and afternoon. During these times, bowel movements are relatively slow, so drinking a little coffee can promote blood circulation, stimulate better bowel movements, and improve our digestion.

Furthermore, the elderly should not drink coffee in the evening as it may affect sleep and impact their learning and work the next day.

Above are some tips from 43 Factory Coffee Roaster on how the elderly should drink coffee to avoid putting pressure on the liver. Therefore, there are three things to keep in mind to protect the liver when drinking coffee: control sugar intake, avoid drinking when stressed, and choose the appropriate time to drink coffee.

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