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High-quality specialty coffee supplier

Specialty coffee is a term for a unique coffee production process. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is proud to be a high-quality specialty coffee supplier. Specialty coffee has become a legacy, a symbol of premium quality. With distinct and unique values, specialty coffee is not just a beverage, it is an endless source of inspiration for coffeeholic.


Material standards of high-quality specialty coffee suppliers



The taste of specialty coffee comes not only from the processing but also from the origin of the coffee used. Coffee beans must meet more stringent requirements. Raw materials used must be of unique origin, not adulterated. Suppliers of high-quality specialty coffee must be very meticulous when choosing ingredients.

In order to qualify for specialty coffee, it is necessary to ensure that the coffee is graded and evaluated according to the SCA framework. According to the SCA, the coffee must score between 80-100 (if below 80 it can be commercial coffee or inferior coffee) and must be Arabica coffee. Arabica is the only coffee bean used to make specialty coffees. Only about 1% of Arabica coffee in the world is qualified to make specialty coffee. The selection of satisfactory coffee beans also requires experience and high accuracy.

The taste of coffee must also show the characteristics of soil, climate, or special coffee tree care process. These factors play an important role in creating the unique flavor of specialty coffee.


43 Factory Coffee Roaster is confident to be a supplier of high-quality specialty coffee


As a supplier of high-quality specialty coffee, the mission of finding a farm with premium ingredients is always a priority of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. We use raw materials imported from foreign farms.
43 Factory is responsible for expressing the uniqueness of the taste.


Strict preservation process of high-quality coffee supplier



To create the unique and premium taste of specialty coffees, finding ingredients is not the only thing. The preservation of this material also plays an important role in preserving the taste. For imported raw materials, preservation and quality control are even more difficult.

For fresh coffee beans, the process will be somewhat difficult due to the long shipping process. Ensuring the perfect environment for preserving fresh coffee during transport is not easy for high-quality specialty coffee purveyors. Especially when it has a key role to ensure the quality of coffee before roasting.

After roasting, the perfect preservation of coffee beans is much more complicated. Due to the high hygroscopicity of roasted coffee beans, its flavor is easily affected. Improper temperature also easily fades the flavor of roasted coffee beans. Therefore, the storage conditions for roasted coffee are always carefully studied and adjusted by 43 Factory.


Use original coffee


The processing also helps to preserve the “original” flavor. As a supplier of high-quality specialty coffee, 43 Factory strives to perfect its coffee processing process to preserve the originality of its ingredients.

Light roasting method is selected by 43 Factory Coffee Roaster with many advantages compared to other methods. It retains most of the characteristic flavor properties of coffee beans. This helps to reveal the unique, unique flavors of each ingredient. In addition, light roasted coffee has also been shown to have more health benefits.

Since it was first mentioned in 1974 by Erna Knutsen in the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, specialty coffee has set the bar for exceptional coffee. More than just a delicious cup of coffee, its value comes from the smallest details in both production and processing.

This is reflected in the selection of ingredients, the processing, and the enjoyment. It requires individuals in all those stages to learn and improve constantly. For a unit that provides high-quality specialty coffee, the roaster has a role to ensure the quality of the output of the products.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster is always aiming to be a supplier of high quality specialty coffee to help you get the most perfect coffee experience. If you have any questions about raw materials, please contact us immediately.

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