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Why should you use oat milk with specialty coffee?


[TASTE THE ORIGIN] Drinks that combine oat milk with specialty coffee are starting to become a trend as the vegan movement grows. Over time, it has become increasingly popular and interested by many people because it not only has a balanced, fragrant flavor but also has health benefits as well as environmental protection. Let’s explore with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster now!


Oat milk with specialty coffee – the perfect combination


In the coffee world, the blend of specialty coffee and milk is something that is hard to resist. Because thanks to the layer of fine white cotton, the delicate, original flavor of specialty coffee is enhanced with an additional layer of charm. The taste, thanks to the aromatic aroma, becomes delicious and rolls the tongue. However, many people cannot drink traditional milk (cow’s milk) due to allergies to substances such as lactose and animal protein.

Oat milk is a milk alternative with purely plant-based ingredients (oats) mixed with water or blended to form a thick liquid. Enzymes are added to the mixture to naturally sweeten the milk and help break down unwanted carbohydrates. Then, the milk is filtered to remove the oat residue. Finally, when the liquid is completely smooth, vitamins and minerals are added and pasteurized or heated to remove all impurities. Oat milk is usually pure and creamy and does not contain allergens, so it is very safe to combine with specialty coffee. In addition, the flavor from a cup of oat milk coffee is very balanced, making it a great alternative for those who need to avoid lactose, the alpha protein S1-casein found in traditional milk, and a delicious drink for those who need to avoid lactose daily experience.

sữa yến mạch với cà phê đặc sản


Oat milk with specialty coffee is a great solution for a diet


Oat milk with specialty coffee is probably a drink for specialized people or vegans. Specialty coffee is low in caffeine and contains more healthy antioxidants than regular coffee varieties. Oat milk is only slightly sweet and does not contain indigestible substances or animal protein like cow’s milk, suitable for those who are on a diet, losing weight, and those who exercise to maintain their shape. In addition, oat milk is vegan but still guaranteed to be nutritious because it contains lots of good fats and vitamins from plants, making it very safe for vegetarians or those with a non-dairy lifestyle. So that, If you love the sweet aroma of milk coffee but are on a vegan diet, try a cup of milkbase from oat milk.


Oat milk with specialty coffee limits the negative impact on the environment


Although it appeared later than traditional milk coffee, oat milk with specialty coffee is used by a large number of consumers. For example, in 2017, in the United States there were only 10 coffee shops offering oat milk coffee, but in just 2 short years, in 2019 there were about 3,500 coffee shops in the country offering this type of coffee. drink this. Because not only is it beneficial for health, this drink is also classified as one of the products with little impact on the environment. Not to mention the specialty coffee farming method, which is a sustainable system, the oat milk creation process also minimizes resources and emissions. Growing and harvesting milk-making ingredients requires very little space, water, or other inputs. A 200ml glass of oat milk only requires about 0.8 square meters of land, 5L of water, and emits 0.3Kg of C02, many times less than a glass of cow’s milk. Additionally, using less space for livestock and crops can reclaim more space for other valuable forestry.

sữa yến mạch với cà phê đặc sản


Where is a good place to drink oat milk with specialty coffee?


XLIII Coffee specialty coffee shop is always ready to serve delicious, quality cups of specialty coffee combined with oat milk. The cup of coffee has a smooth texture with a layer of cream and white foam on top. Oat milk has a naturally fatty taste and light sweetness, creating an ideal base for coffee beans to express their flavor potential. The overall blend has a natural sweetness and a pleasant sour taste, not too strong, making the taste full and satisfying with rich, mouth-watering notes.

Especially when you come to XLIII Coffee, you can choose quality specialty coffee beans from growing regions around the world combined with oat milk to create a cup of fragrant milk base. Enjoy your own cup of coffee at XLIII Coffee’s new spaces at:


Lot 422 Ngo Thi Si, My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang


178A Pasteur, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, City. Ho Chi Minh


326 Ly Thuong Kiet, Tan An Ward, City. Hoi An

If you want to experience the rich, multi-flavored world of specialty coffee or interesting news about the coffee world, visit XLIII Coffee – The brand developed from the predecessor 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

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