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What is a barista? Conditions of a professional barista


What is a barista? What are the qualifications of a professional barista? Coffee is a favorite drink of many Vietnamese people, but most people do not understand the profession of barista – the artisans who create delicious cups of coffee. 


What is a barista?


What is a barista?

In the past, the person who made the drink was called a bartender in English and a barista in Italian. But later, the nature of these two jobs gradually differed, the two concepts were separated. Bartender is a word used to refer to people who specialize in mixing alcohol, and barista is a barista who has a deep understanding of coffee. In Vietnam and many countries around the world, a barista is called a barista.

The barista must first have a love for coffee beans, then have a deep understanding of them (flavor characteristics, preservation, properties, preparation methods, …) from which to create high quality, unique coffees.

Barista serves hot and cold espresso-based coffees such as cappucino, latte, mocha, latte art, commonly known as machine coffee… In addition, baristas also use Other special methods such as drip coffee (made with filter paper), cold brew (using cold water), using a siphon…

Not to mention, today’s barista also has the ability to make modern drinks to meet the increasing needs of customers and employers such as blended ice (ice blended, smoothie, yoshake, milkshake, chiller), tea. flowers, fruit tea, soda, milk tea…


Necessary and sufficient conditions for professional baristas


Not only barista, but every profession has its own standards that need to be strictly met.


What conditions does the barista need to meet?


Solid expertise

Doing any profession requires knowledge to develop to its full potential. Expertise is a collection of knowledge and accumulated experience. That experience can come from going to work. It is also possible through internships at training schools or participation in regional competitions. Experience is the story of time. In addition, this is also reflected in the ability to handle situations at work. Preparing coffee is a job position that has a lot of contact with customers, so there will be countless unforeseen situations, this time requires the agility and sharpness of professional baristas to satisfy the customers.

Not only that, baristas are exposed to many different types of drinks, ingredients, and preparation methods. That means having to deal with many different areas of knowledge. In terms of coffee only, we can briefly point out such as Latte Art, Brewing, Roasting, Coffee Flavor – Sensory…

But these things also take time to build up and perfect, baristas should not be hasty or discouraged when they have not achieved solid achievements.

What is a barista?


Coffee baristas not only need to master their expertise, but also need to understand those things on the changing stream of trends. Coffee or service professions always have to keep up with changes in customer tastes. Barista has to bring many experiences in the product to attract consumers.

Therefore, if you decide to work as a barista, you need to be prepared to learn constantly.

Career orientation

In Vietnam in particular, the bartending profession has not been properly recognized. Therefore, right from the beginning, human resources need to clearly define their career orientation to avoid being shaken and deviated under the view of many prejudices. It is necessary to build a development framework for yourself, to know what you want, how to develop goals, how to accomplish that goal.

Sufficient conditions to become a barista

A very important condition but many baristas do not pay attention to it – it is communication skills with customers. A professional barista works not only with coffee but also with people. They need to listen to customers’ opinions and requests to adjust the taste of drinks. Because these products ultimately serve the customer, therefore, they need to meet the conditions set by the consumer.

Of course, the opinions of customers are always diverse, it is not uncommon for cases to be tricky with the requirements of heaven and earth. Barista needs to be skillful so that customers understand and be more interested in coffee.

Prestigious barista training place

What is a barista?Choosing a place to study is also very important, because this is where the basic knowledge of a barista is formed. Those who want to pursue a career as a barista need to find training places with knowledge and passion for coffee to inspire and transmit knowledge.

43 Factory Coffee Roaster is a place that fully meets the conditions of coffee knowledge and modern machinery. Follow your opportunity to become part of the Coffee Shop here.

Strict process

It is not an exaggeration to say that baristas are true artisans. Because they create works of art with taste. To create the full picture of the notes, the bartenders must follow a strict process. They create on the basis that the sequential operation, the order, the method needs to be done properly. Every little change leads to a change in taste.

Each environment will have its own development orientation. 43 Factory Coffee Roaster wishes to bring the most authentic taste of each coffee bean. The workshop always protects and searches for the genuine and original notes of the eggplant (Find the Origin). If you love the nature and color of coffee, come to us to experience many interesting things.

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