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IWCA celebrates 20 years at the roots of Ethiopian coffee


The International Women’s Coffee Alliance will celebrate its 20th anniversary in tandem with the IWCA conference in October this year. The event is expected to be held in the country of origin of coffee – Ethiopia as a deep tribute to the women who dedicate themselves to coffee culture and tradition. Let’s explore this meaningful event with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster


IWCA – International Women’s Coffee Alliance


The International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) is an international organization whose mission is to unite a global network of affiliates and support the work and development of women in the international coffee community. . IWCA’s vision is to lead the way in empowerment and equality for all women in the coffee sector. Through education and advocacy, IWCA builds an international network of independent, self-organized, self-governing organizations called Chapters to ensure a fair coffee industry . Each chapter develops and implements their own strategic priorities and membership model, in accordance with the IWCA Chapter Formation Protocol . In it, the organization’s team will work with 33 Chapters and many more in the process of forming chapters.

IWCA kỷ niệm 20 năm thành lập


IWCA Conference 2023 20th Anniversary


The IWCA Conference is an event held every two years, aiming to bring together the international chapter network to provide opportunities for exchange, learning and networking for the world coffee community. This year, the International Women’s Coffee Alliance will organize a conference and celebrate the 20th anniversary of its journey to build and support women in the coffee sector. The list of participants included relevant organizations and departments, as well as experts and individuals who have contributed to the whole industry such as Women in Coffee Leadership from 33 global associations; The IWCA Global Board and Management; Industry leaders, coffee producers; Coffee exporters & traders and buyers; Development partners, government partners; Officials and dignitaries. The event is expected to attract more than 250 participants from around the world with a diverse portfolio in the global coffee scene.

IWCA kỷ niệm 20 năm thành lập


Time and place


IWCA conferences have been held in various parts of the world, mainly in Central and South America but never in Africa (where resilient women are perhaps suffering the greatest injustice). Therefore, IWCA decided to hold the 2023 conference in Ethiopia in Africa with the theme “20 years of IWCA – The Power of the Past & The Power of the Future”.

The event, designed by head office management in collaboration with IWCA’s Ethiopian national chapter, Women in Coffee Ethiopia, opened at the Skylight Hotel in Addis, Addis Ababa from 16 to 22 October.

>>> The registration link is now open until the end of August 31, here


Event Schedule


This IWCA 2023 event will include panel discussions, keynotes, coffee tastings provided by IWCA members, exhibition halls and field trips. The schedule lasts for about seven days, specifically as follows:

Day 1

– Official Opening Ceremony of the IWCA Summit Summit

– Networking break – Experience Ethiopian coffee culture

– IWCA Leadership & Conference
– Welcome reception – Cultural wear, white tie, evening gown

Day 2

– Session I – High-level breakfast meeting in cooperation with GIZ SUVASE project on gender & coffee – Experience & policy recommendations

– Exchange – Experience Ethiopian coffee culture – Session – II EU-
DeSira project high-level seminars on women, coffee and climate
– High-level discussion session III on global industry topics

Day 3

– Exhibition of coffee from more than 25 producing countries

– B2B, B2C and bilateral meetings

– Coffee tasting sessions from IWCA member producers

– Closing reception, Cocktail. Outfit: casual

Day 4 – 7

– Departure trip & city tour of Addis

IWCA kỷ niệm 20 năm thành lập

For coffee or any other industry, each woman as well as each man has their own voice, their own values, which can make contributions to the whole industry, community and society. You can join the event or use the coffee beans that are grown according to the sustainable science of Ethiopian farmers at visit XLIII Coffee – the predecessor brand of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to support them!

Source: Dailycoffeenews & IWCA

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