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History of Aeropress

Do you know Aeropress? How does Aeropress become a popular coffee maker?

Có gì trong AeroPress? 



An interesting historical story about Aeropress

The creator of Aeropress is Alan, the Founder of a toy company. Although Alan is an expert in designing children’s toys, he has made a breakthrough in the world of coffee makers.

The story begins in the late 80s, as a director of a large company, Alan was always faced with countless messy jobs. Despite his busy schedule, he still takes some precious time to make specialty coffees. Sometimes the coffee is bitter and difficult to drink. It makes him very dissatisfied. Then he found these solutions:

+ Making coffee must be quick and ensure the most perfect and delicious taste.

+ The way to make coffee should be easy and convenient, especially for busy people who don’t have too much time to make coffee.

Since then, he has been working on inventions. He designed and sketched the first images of the Aeropress machine.

He thought “The taste of coffee will be less bitter and sweeter if water is used at a temperature lower than boiling, but the brewing time takes up to 4-5 minutes. So to minimize brewing time, why not try incorporating more pressure while making coffee, like the pressure of an espresso machine?” However, it is very difficult to carry out this idea. It wasn’t until the 40th draft that Alan did what he needed. In 1914, he had experimental products. Then gradually improve them

Chiếc máy Aeropress dần dần chiếm vị trí quan trọng trong lòng người sử dụng

Chiếc máy Aeropress dần dần chiếm vị trí quan trọng trong lòng người sử dụng

It was not until 2005, that the new Aeropress machine was officially introduced. Immediately, it created a craze because of its preeminent, convenient, fast features and the coffee flavor it brought.

Compared to other coffee machines, Aeropress is somewhat crude, simple but highly scientific, especially very convenient, solid, and highly versatile.

If Chemex brings a trendy and sophisticated feeling, Aeropress is convenient and close to making coffee. You just need to pour coffee, a little water, wait a few minutes and then use your hands to press the coffee into the cup like pressing a cylinder to have a great finished product.

There are many ways to make coffee by using Aeropress. Small changes in coffee grind size, steeping time or amount of water will create a new recipe.


Why should we buy Aeropress


There are some reasons why you should use Aeropress for good coffee:


Aeropress easy to use


This is an important advantage of Aeropress. All you need to do is add ground coffee and hot water to the reservoir, turn the plunger and press down. In less than a minute, you will have a delicious cup of coffee.


You can bring Aeropress to many places


You can easily take the Aeropress anywhere because it is packed inside the included carrying case


Aeropress creates a delicious cup of coffee


Of course, the most important reason to invest in Aeropress is that it offers a great coffee taste experience. The unique design of the coffee machine ensures that all the grounds are saturated with water, creating a rich and flavorful Aeropress crema.


Good price


Aeropress costs less than other premium lines. For less than 700 thousand, you can own this top quality coffee machine. Also, since Aeropress doesn’t require any fancy filters or cartridges, it’s also very economical to use.

Over the years, Aeropress has increasingly asserted its irreplaceable position and become everyone’s coffee machine. If you are a fan of this mysterious black drink, it would be great to own an Aeropress coffee machine.

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