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Hawaii Coffee Association 2023 Conference Coming to Kauai


If you are a lover, interested in the latest trends in the specialty coffee industry, you should not miss the upcoming event of the Hawaii Coffee Association (HCA). This organization has just announced the official time, list of speakers, main content for the Hawaii Coffee Association Conference 2023. This year’s event is open to members and the general public to attend. Let’s find out the information of this event with 43 Factory Coffee Roaster in advance!


Hawaii Coffee Association


The Hawaii Coffee Association (HCA) is an organization representing Hawaiian coffee-related farmers, producers, processors, retailers and service providers. HCA is not only a forum for the exchange of knowledge, information and cooperation for the common good of the industry, but also a resource for those who want to learn about Hawaiian coffee. In addition, this organization is also a gathering place for Hawaiian coffee lovers to share and educate new consumers about Hawaii’s unique growing regions, different coffee varieties, interesting events and events. taste, the latest research and much more.

hội nghị hiệp hồi cà phê hawaii 2023

Hawaii Coffee Association Conference 2023


Earlier this past May, the Hawaii Coffee Association made an official announcement to the coffee-loving community that their 28th Annual Meeting will be held next month. The festival will take place from June 15 to 17, 2023 at Kauai Beach Resort & Spa.

Coming to the Conference you will have the opportunity to participate in educational seminars on the theory of fermentation and roasting, along with workshops on tasting, roasting, green grading, brewing, grinding, methods, and techniques. work. . In addition, this year’s framework will host the 14th Hawaii Statewide Tasting Competition. The contest will be overseen by Kona-based Pacific Coffee Research. Through here, the guests will be able to taste the finalist coffees, enjoy a luxurious party.

hội nghị hiệp hồi cà phê hawaii 2023


Agenda of the Hawaii Coffee Association Conference 2023




To have a successful Conference and bring a lot of value to the guests, the Conference invited a team of leading speakers and industry experts to share experiences. In which, the keynote speaker is Marc Marquez – Director of coffee design and packaging company Savor Brands. He is also the founder of Pono Collective and has many contributions to building and connecting coffee communities across Hawaiian islands.

hội nghị hiệp hồi cà phê hawaii 2023


Main content


HCA is designed to support stakeholders across the state’s coffee industry, including farmers, millers, traders, roasters and retailers. Therefore, the focus of the conference was mainly on legal issues affecting such as: Financing the Hawaiian coffee industry (Hawaii State Department of Agriculture is the main sponsor); Technical problems related to farm profitability and pest reduction methods that have a negative effect on coffee crop yields are common in all Hawaiian plantations (rust disease).

At the same time, HCA has planned interactive workshops on tasting, roasting, green grading, brewing, grinding and field grafting, workshops on coffee roasting and fermentation theory. Events include the outing of the Networking Cocktail Mixer, the Latte Art Throwdown at the Outpost Cafe, the awarding ceremony of the ever-popular Statewide Cupping Competition by the Hawaii Coffee Association Convention.

>>>You can follow, register to participate in the Hawaii Coffee Association Conference 2023 here

This is really good news for those who are passionate about learning and discussing topics related to coffee. It’s a great opportunity to gain experience and meet experts that are normally only seen in books. But if you are busy and cannot attend, please read the next articles of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster to update many useful information.

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